Friday, August 22, 2008


Hi All
I went down to Adelaide yesterday and picked up and engine hoist for Tony. Since we have moved here his huge welder has been on the Ute as we had no way of taking it off. So he needed it to get the welder on and off the Ute. Due to the lack of weight on the Ute now he will use less fuel. Which is a good thing for the pocket.

Anyway while I was in Adelaide I went to K-Mart and bought myself some new underwear. I am usually a G-String girl but due to the cold here I thought I would buy some "normal" undies to help keep my butt warm. For some strange reason this is where I feel the cold the most. Anyway I bought 2 x 3 packs of "normal" at $12.95 and 1 x 3 pack of G-Strings also $12.95. They were made buy the same company and were apart of the same line.

Can someone tell me how G-Strings which are made up of WAY less material cost the SAME as "normal" undies????

Bye for now and happy blogging

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