Friday, August 8, 2008

The Mini Move

Hi All
I am not sure why I have called this the mini move we had twice as much stuff, but I guess we didn't travel anywhere near as far.

Mum and Dean were both away working and I was at the house in Virginia, so it made sense that I packed everything I could rather than them taking days off. I personally didn't like this idea because I HATE PACKING. It isn't a hard job, just tedious and time consuming. The girls loved it, any excuse to use a box as a cubby house. Moving has taught me I should go directly to the toy manufacturers and buy the boxes rather than the toys. I tried the best I could to clean each room as I went and mums friend Carol came out one day to help me. She packed up the linen closet, while I cleaned around her. Sometimes you just need someone there to talk to you why you do what your supposed to, it helps to motivate you even if they don't do anything.

Mum and Dean had hired a truck from Port Pirie and bought it down to Virginia we hoped it would fit in everything and thankfully it did but not before a lot of swearing, re-arranging and bitching at one another. Ryan helped Dean the night before with a couple of heavy items and the rest was left to us the following day. With only the three of us it was a huge day and it was made a little harder with my two little cyclones weaving in and out of everything.

My Nissan was towing the same green trailer it had when I left Gregory and it was very very heavy. I had all the guys tools in it and Tony's tinny on top. Mum and Dean were in the truck behind me. We left Virginia about 4.30pm Tuesday afternoon the 3rd of June. For those of you who wonder why I am so specific with dates it is for my own reference in the future. I have a very good memory but I write it down in-case the kids decide to read it when they are older. All was going OK until I turned onto the Balaklava to Byth Road and blew a tyre on the trailer. Mum even commented to Dean as I rounded the corner "gee that tyre looks a bit spongy." Then with a little cloud of dust my blinker was on and I was pulling over. I drive a 4WD and of course for the first time ever I had no spare for the trailer. Of course, Murphy's law!! When you have a spare you WON'T get a flat. First we called Tony, he couldn't really help as he didn't have a tyre, then we called the RAA, I am a member but they couldn't help they don't DO tyres. So then mum called a tyre shop in Balaklava, the guy came out and fixed it for me what a life saver. He ended up swapping our rim with theirs and it cost $50.00. Including call out fee, what a BARGAIN. The tyre was on good and tight but needless to say I went very slowly from then on as I was scared due to weight it would happen again. Thankfully it didn't.

We arrived at Jamestown about 8pm and we were met with 4 warm chicken burgers, and helpers to unload the truck. Tony and Peewee were there to help and we finally finished taking everything out of the truck about midnight. We had a small incident while unloading, there was a ramp on the back of the truck you could move up and down and it was completely level with the back of the truck to avoid a step and someone lowered it a little. We still don't know who, but mum stepped on it and slipped causing her to fall and hurt her hip and ankle. Not badly but it still bloody hurt all the same. I was so happy the final move for a while (I hope) was OVER.

Mum and Dean headed off early Wednesday morning to return the truck and Tony and I started the seemingly never ending job of unpacking boxes. He sorted out all the boy things in the shed and bought boxes in that I asked for. I was so sore from the day before I didn't want to lift anything. The girls were happy to get their t.v back and of course more boxes to play in.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

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