Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HELL is going to freeze over .............................'cause I BAKED!!!!

Hi All
I just thought I would share that I baked cookies this afternoon. I do admit it was a Green's packet mix that I bought last time I went shopping, but a milestone for me just the same. They were supposed to be fairy wand cookies, but they turned out just to be star (cutter inc in the pk) cookies, it was just too hard to add the sticks (also inc in the pk).
Mickalee helped and even stole a cookie, of course hoping I wouldn't notice her over full mouth, while they were cooling. She also kept saying "mmmm mummy me love eating star fish." I told her she could have one after dinner if she ate it all. I love bribes. *I know naughty*

And that is the face she pulled BEFORE she stole the cookie!! *Heehee*

Ta Da!!

Bye for now and Happy Blogging


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