Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hi All

As I said in my last post, I would share some pics with you all of the girls birthday parties. Mickalee turned 3 in March and Brandy turned 2 in April. Both girls got very spoilt and had a great day! I even baked their birthday cakes!! I know.......Very domestic of me isn't it!! Mickalee's birthday cake was a barbie cake. and Brandy's cake was a turtle. Originally it was going to be a lady bird but it just didn't look quite right so I divided a donut into quarters and used it as legs. It turned out very well!
Mickalee with her very lovely gift's.
Mickalee's BARBIE cake

Brandy Opening the 1st of her MANY presents :)
Brandy's TURTLE cake
Both girls celebrated their birthdays with a little party, surrounded by their friends. They played and ate and had a great time! I even made a pass the parcel for Mickalee's birthday party, however I forgot about it, so I saved it for Brandy's birthday party!! All the kids got a chocolate prize!
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I AM SLACK........But don't worry I AM BACK!!

Hello Everyone
It has been 6 months since my last confession!! I mean I am not exactly sure what happened, I just stopped blogging! I am trying to think? Did I stop blogging when I started facebooking?? Who knows but I think I need to try and find time to do both!

The girls are doing great Mickalee is now three and enjoyed her birthday in March, and Brandy had her little party a fortnight later in April!! I will post pics when I get the chance and share them with you.

Tony is back in South Australia for the moment working on a wind farm close to home. Not sure how long we will have this luxury, however we will enjoy it while it lasts! Our most recent purchase was 40ft coach that we plan to deck out as a motor home, so he has mobile accommodation, when he is away from home, or in turn we can travel with him when the opportunity arises. I will post pics of the bus when I get the chance also!! It has been appropriately named "Hillbilly Deluxe".

I have started working again, which I am enjoying very much. It gets me out of the house to socialise which I enjoy. I am working at the local Establishment every Friday night and pick up a couple extra shifts here and there when they need me. Now that I am working again I am meeting new people and my friend network is increasing slowly but surely.

I have been making the fortnightly trip to Port Pirie to do my food shopping, I find it make my $ go a little further. It also means I do not need to go to the local foodland and buy unnecessary items. The new foodland store has opened up here though and it is wonderful.

Since I last posted 2 of best friends have had babies. Little Mackenzie was welcomed into the world on Brandy's second birthday. Amanda was due in late March but I told her when she first got her due date that she would have her baby on Brandy's birthday. I was right!!! No prizes for guessing though :(. Hayley then joined all her little girl friends the following day!! Only 6 hours short of sharing her birthday with Brandy and Mackenzie!! Both health adorable little girls! I have decided that I can no longer trust the water here in Jamestown, I have 6 friends currently waiting for new arrivals!! I wish them ALL, all the best!!

I had better sign off now and get my blogging butt into bed!! Stay tuned I am going to try harder :)

Bye For Now and Happy Blogging!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uni Exam Complete

Hi All
I would firstly like to thank Pete and Tracy fo their much needed help on Friday. Pete supervised my exam and Tracy, even though she was not feeling well, baby sat my crazy children. I really appreciated it guys THANKS AGAIN!!
I hope I did well and feel reasonably confident with all area's but the essay. I have still not fully grasped what they expect of me. I will let you know the result when they are in.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dance baby, Dance.

Hi All,
After watching Brandy dance I can't decide if she has obtained her talents from me or her dad. I know for sure I have no rhythm and if I try to shake my bootee like Beyonce I look like I have something shoved in an uncomfortable place. Tony looks like a frog in a blender, so I guess she gets it from him! You be the judge.

Very cute all the same, no matter where her inspiration comes from. Excuse the bad filming I was copying her, so she would keep doing it for the camera. As usual when the camera came out she stopped dancing. Some of you may also wonder why my kids were in their PJ's at what seemed to be the middle of the day. It was actually about 7pm and they were getting ready for bed, it is daylight savings in S.A at the moment and the transition of getting them to sleep while it is still daylight is difficult.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.


Christmas Preperation

Hi All
I am officially FINISHED, and all before the calender ticked over to December 1st. Presents bought AND wrapped, check. Cards written out, letter and photo included, and cards actually POSTED, check, Christmas tree, decorations and lights ALL up and working, check. It's over. All that is left to do now is assemble the swing set on Christmas eve and do a food shop and I am all set. VOILA!!
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas cards, letters and the PHOTO!

Hi All,
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have spent the last 6 years in the middle of nowhere at Christmas time.
In the middle of nowhere the mail plane would come to take out going and deliver in coming mail every Wednesday unless rain had wet the the dirt strip and they were unable to land. Usually if I needed stamps or had a letter to post without a stamp I would either include the 50c with the letter in the mail bag, or I would send in money prior to needing the stamp and they would send out stamps the following week. When it came to Christmas cards however I was VERY UN-organised. I thought it rude to send in 50 cards unstamped with the money attached and getting someone else to lick and stick for me. I also just never got around to sending in the money for the stamps to be sent back to me. SLACK I know. This "slackness" of mine resulted in literally hundreds of Christmas cards being written over time and NEVER posted. One year i found a pile of cards squashed in the glove box of the Toyota about September the following year.
Now I am living in town and the post office is literally walking distance from my house I am organised. I wrote out all the cards making sure not to seal them because I wanted to include a universal update letter of the all happenings in our little family, as well as a nice photo of the girls. I spread the picture taking out over two days and the end result wasn't perfect or what I wanted but it was OK.
As you can see, on the first day I dressed them both up and tried to use a table cloth to make a decorative back drop. On the second day I just washed their faces. I really couldn't be bothered.
Don't get get me wrong I did NOT expect perfect model type photo's, all I wanted was the both of them looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME, and smiling. Mickalee kept saying smile every time i said it, so me trying to get them to smile resulted in me making all types of weird noises, shouting and waving my free arm like a mad woman. The neighbours must think I am crazy. Eventually I got one picture.
I ordered copies on-line last night, and I printed off the universal letter yesterday so as soon as the prints arrive look out post office here I come.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.


Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss you Mate!!

Hi All
When a part of your family has to go and meet it's maker, no matter how big or small their role in your family was it is a sad loss. On Wed the 19/11/08 I had to make to gut wrenching decision to put my best mate of 6 years to sleep. Bonnie was a kind, gentle natured dog, however her instincts to hunt were always in the back of her mind. On Wednesday morning she jumped the fence and mauled a goat in the vacant lot next door. I apologised to the neighbour and immediately offered to pay all vet bills incurred from the attack. I coped a $210.00 fine from the local council, and made the terrible decision to put her down. People who knew and loved Bonnie could not imagine her doing such a thing, but a dog like her has instincts that she obviously could not control. Even though this was the hardest thing yet I have had to do, I decided it was for the best just in case one of the girls was her next target. Don't miss understand me, she NEVER showed aggression towards the girls and if she had of I would have made this choice a long time ago. I just couldn't trust her after this.

I will remember teaching you how to shake hands with small pieces of kit-Kat (before I realised chocolate was bad for dogs.) I will remember waking up in the swag with you when I was sure I had gone to sleep with Tony, you always had a way of squeezing in there somewhere. I will remember the day you dodged 6 bullets fired at you from Tony's gun after stealing a whole rump out of the camp kitchen. I will remember how you played. I will remember how you barked like you had something to say. I will remember how you barked to let me know there was a snake under the house.