Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hi All
Just thought I would share some photo's with you. Mickalee had occasional care today and she was in a good mood this morning so I was able to try something new with her hair. She sat quietly and watched Dora, while I tied and brushed. She loved it that much I have had no luck getting her to let me take it out yet. I was also busy shopping and banking this morning so Brandy and I didn't get to do an activity alone so I bought the girls some scribble mats today and we drew on them this afternoon after their naps. These mats are great, normal place mats you colour in your self 4 crayons are even included in the pack. You can them wipe them down and they are like new again. so they will provide hours of fun.

Too Cute!! Even if I do say so myself. This kept Brandy occupied for about 5 minutes, she had more fun throwing the crayons away and laughing when I picked them up and gave them too her. OK she wasn't colouring but she had fun just the same.
This is the ABC mat, I got a dinosaur one too but for some reason the photo won't load. Oh well!!
Bye for now and Happy blogging

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a SMALL world!!

Hi All
I was watching Nick Jr with the girls again today and they were watching a show called "The Big World." It is a show about all these animals that live in the "world tree", there is a sloth, a couple of monkey's and an ant eater among others and it got me thinking about things that have happened and had me saying "WOW it is a small world."

I moved with my family from Bordertown to Adelaide when I was 13, as I had grown out of my Barbie dolls and didn't play with them anymore mum suggested instead of taking up precious space in the moving truck how about I pass them on to some other little girls who would enjoy them as much as I did. So I decided to give them to Tara and Kim. Tara was in my brothers class at school and was about 5. My mum and Dad were acquaintances with the girls parents and one afternoon we went over to their house and dropped them off. I moved to QLD in April 02 when I was 19 and went home the following November to attend a cousins engagement Party. Long story short mum met up with Dean at this particular party and they are now engaged. So Tara and Kim are now my step sisters.

When I was 4 I lived about 40k out of Bordertown in a place called Bangham. It consisted of 3 houses and everyday I would catch the bus into and home from Kindy. For memory we only lived there for a short amount of time, but I remember it well. When I was at the pub in Gregory working one day, a tourist couple stopped buy for a drink and we got to talking. They asked the usual tourist question, "How does a young girl like you end up working in a place like this?" I told them I was original a country girl from S.A and when my family relocated to Adelaide I hated it, got a job in outback QLD fell in love with the place and haven't left yet." They said oh well we are from S.A originally too where are you from?". I say "Bordertown." They reply "No way, we used to live near Bordertown in a place called Bangham." I was shocked and told them "I used to live at Bangham too. It turned out they had lived in the same house I did only 23 years before. WOW, and of all place to meet them was Gregory Downs!! AMAZING!!

*Insert music* It's a small world after all. *do de do de do*

Bye for now and happy blogging.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HELL is going to freeze over .............................'cause I BAKED!!!!

Hi All
I just thought I would share that I baked cookies this afternoon. I do admit it was a Green's packet mix that I bought last time I went shopping, but a milestone for me just the same. They were supposed to be fairy wand cookies, but they turned out just to be star (cutter inc in the pk) cookies, it was just too hard to add the sticks (also inc in the pk).
Mickalee helped and even stole a cookie, of course hoping I wouldn't notice her over full mouth, while they were cooling. She also kept saying "mmmm mummy me love eating star fish." I told her she could have one after dinner if she ate it all. I love bribes. *I know naughty*

And that is the face she pulled BEFORE she stole the cookie!! *Heehee*

Ta Da!!

Bye for now and Happy Blogging


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ball is Rolling.........Finally

Hi All
My Uni welcome pack and information kit arrived today. Hooray!! I was thinking of posting a picture of my hair, so we can compare when I finished and see how many grey hairs I earned myself. I was to ashamed to do this in-case I earn too many!! So instead you get a picture of all my papers. Talk about info overload, once I started reading.
I am sure I will cope with this once I have settled into a routine of study. I am only doing one unit at a time which requires between 8 and 10 hours a week study. So instead of watching T.V (old me time) in the afternoons while the girls have their naps I can now study (new me time), I also am a night owl and the girls are in bed by 8pm so night time also offers a few extra hours if I need it.

All I ever wanted to do was have kids, from the age of eight I decided that was why I was here on earth. Mum and Dad had a few rough patches and arguments throughout my whole child hood but I recall after one argument while I was about this age, I told mum and I quote "I am NEVER getting bloody married, ALL men are stupid." Mum then said "but Becky what about your babies?" (Mum gave me the birds and the bee's talk very early as she got her periods at age 7 she wanted me to be prepared. I was one of the lucky ones though. I started about 16) "That's OK I will find a man to give me a baby then piss him off." Number 1: Swearing wasn't a huge taboo in our house, number 2: My husband is totally scared that now I have had his two kids I am going to pack him up and ship him out. I reassure him that I was only a kid, and if he ever attempted to leave I would tie him up with the dogs. Anyhow back to my original point, now that I have had the girls I feel like I need to do something for me. Not to mention that with 2 and a half years of repetitive routine I feel like my brain has gone numb. Don't get me wrong as I have said in previous posts I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to choose between work and kids, but really it doesn't take an Einstein to change a nappy or make a cheese sandwich. So to prevent my brain from turning off indefinitely I decided to study.

One thing I could not understand was the fact that I did not have to complete year 12 to start at Uni. Hello, Why didn't someone tell me this 1998, I would have left in year 10, made a heap of money, travelled and enjoyed the world. I left High School in year 12, which was Sept 2000, only a few days after I turned 18. Prior to turning 18 I was working at a local Hotel after school as a waitress and when I turned 18 they promised to give me hours serving behind the bar. So unfortunately the prospect of making $18.00 an hour and getting a loan for my first car, totally out weighed school, which I was failing anyway. I am not an idiot I can do well when I apply myself but when I finally reached year 12 all my friends had either dropped out or were on a different schedule to me, so I had no fun and didn't want to be there. I had, had enough of school, show me the money!
To start with I hadn't decided what exactly I was going to study so the a helpful lady suggested I start with an "Introduction to University Learning" The one I received today that begins on Sept 1st. Then do a base unit "Social Science in Australia." The base unit is a unit in 3 subjects, so it gives me three options to choose from. I can either do "Criminology and Criminal Justice", "Community Services", or "Psychology". I am hoping to either try and get a government based job when I have finished or study more. I have 10 years to complete this degree, so I can stop and start and have more babies if we decide to which I think was a great idea.
I will try and give you all regular updates on how I am going within my posts. Bye for now and happy blogging.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Girls

Hi All
The girls are doing better. There is a lot less coughing and a lot less of wiping noses, so hopefully we are off to Playgroup tomorrow. God knows they are sick and tired of being in the house with me. Yesterday was a good day for them daddy was home and they got to play in the shed with him. I was glad it was not raining as it would have been an absolute nightmare trying to keep them inside while he was outside. They love time with daddy.

Mickalee is going through a terribly bossy phase at the moment, including bossing me. If I am not within her sight she runs around the house until she finds me then says "mummy you need to be in the kitchen." I am not sure why I need to be in the kitchen, but for some reason that is where she wants me to be. She is nasty to Brandy and doesn't want to share. Everything Brandy has she wants, and this includes cuddles from mum. I of course don't mind the cuddle part. Mickalee isn't a cuddly kid but Brandy is, so it is good to see a more affectionate side of her.

I am having a real issue at the moment with repeating myself, Brandy is generally good when we are at home however into everything when we go somewhere new. She loves exploring and touching things she is not supposed to. She is great at running in the opposite direction to everyone else, so this means I have to carry her when we go somewhere, or have her in the pram. She has also started to defend herself when Mickalee is bossy. She used to just walk away but now she pushes, pulls hair and screams. Mickalee is just at the peak (I hope) of the terrible two's she does things over and over even though she has been told repeatedly not to do them. I think that due to her speech being so good I forget she is only two.

Listed below is 3 reasons I know the kids are sick of being cooped up inside.

#1. This morning while I was in the toilet they pulled everything they could reach out of the fridge. No they were not hungry, they had just eaten 3 weet-bix each, in-case that didn't fill them up I offered them a banana each and they said no.

#2. While I was in the shower, Mickalee poured the whole contents of my large salt shaker all over the carpet. Normally I would make her help clean up a mess she has made but she is only 2 and petrified of the vacuum cleaner. So I vacuumed again even though I did it yesterday.

#3. I went outside to take the rubbish out and they decided it would be fun to empty there drink bottles onto the floor in the kitchen. Sticky orange juice everywhere, and I had to mop again, even though I did it yesterday.

I have not been very good this week with my planned activity lists for them, however with me and them all being sick I think I am excused. I am starting fresh tomorrow with playgroup. Wish me luck. I have kept up with most of the house work except for the clothes I am having issues with drying them all, but that is natures doing not mine. I need a clothes dryer but am not planning to buy one because if Matt and Carla move in with us as planned we will end up with two of them.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

Friday, August 22, 2008

In the Spirit of the game.

Hi All
I checked my e-mail just a minute ago, and there was an e-mail saying there was a comment on my blog. It was from Cheryl aka The Daily Blonde saying I tagged you on my blog your it. I was lost. Completely I was thinking OK I will have to call Tracy maybe it is blog term I have not heard before. I know, I know I am an idiot. Cheryl was playing virtual tag and I am it. So I have included all the rules for those of you that I have tagged. Have fun.

Here are the rules...straight from Cheryl who got them from Beth, or so I read.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. List 6 unspectacular (or spectacular!!) quirks you have.
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each tag-ee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Her are my tag-ee's
Tracy aka Mad Quilter
Lori aka A Cowboys Wife
Mel at A Dream come true
Corrie aka Retro mummy
Rachel aka A juggling mum
Rebecca aka Diary Of an obsessed knitter

OK now for my 6 Quirky tid bits.
# I am addicted to the phone. The mobile the land line and the Internet I need to talk and talk constantly. I am a communication addict. I call mum and Tony more than 3 times a day each and I am constantly texting. I talk so much I am convinced Telstra is still operating because of how much I spend. *GIGGLE*
# I have a "thing" about tea bags being left on the sink, it drives me crazy. The bin is 2 steps from the kettle, is it really that hard??
# I love driving as long it is to a place I want to go to. The music needs to be on and loud!
# I bite my nails to the point of no return and have done it for long now I don't think I will EVER stop unless I am hypnotised.
# I can't wear socks to bed. Don't ask I have no idea why.
# I hate people touching my feet. The kids, Tony, anyone. I could never have a pedicure for this reason.

Anyway now I have shared I think I need to talk some things over with a shrink. *laughing*

Bye for now and happy tagging


Hi All
I went down to Adelaide yesterday and picked up and engine hoist for Tony. Since we have moved here his huge welder has been on the Ute as we had no way of taking it off. So he needed it to get the welder on and off the Ute. Due to the lack of weight on the Ute now he will use less fuel. Which is a good thing for the pocket.

Anyway while I was in Adelaide I went to K-Mart and bought myself some new underwear. I am usually a G-String girl but due to the cold here I thought I would buy some "normal" undies to help keep my butt warm. For some strange reason this is where I feel the cold the most. Anyway I bought 2 x 3 packs of "normal" at $12.95 and 1 x 3 pack of G-Strings also $12.95. They were made buy the same company and were apart of the same line.

Can someone tell me how G-Strings which are made up of WAY less material cost the SAME as "normal" undies????

Bye for now and happy blogging

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I miss Tony.........I need him to do boy stuff.

Hi All
I am feeling a lot better today and ventured out of the house for the first time since Sunday and went and had coffee with Venessa. It is still cold here and surprise, surprise it's raining AGAIN.

I am one of the lucky mums who has a choice whether or not to stay home and play home maker or go back to work. Tony earns enough for me to stay home and most days I enjoy it. There is the odd day where I would love to have my brain ticking faster, so to fill that craving I decided to start studying. The only down side to this is the fact that for Tony to earn the bigger $$ he away for 4 weeks at a time then home for a week. I miss him of course when he is not here but we knew that was the arrangement when we took the job. We decided it was a good offer and the money was great. It has given us the opportunity to knuckle down get out of debt and even perhaps start saving to buy our first home. I am not about to sit here and tell you that I have it as hard as a single mum for 4 weeks out of 5 because I don't, but having him away certainly makes me sympathise more with them. I miss him even more when the roses need pruning or the weeds need spraying, and of course when something goes wrong with the car. However it has also taught me I can do those jobs without him if I have to.

As you know I went away for the weekend, well while I was away the indicators on my car stopped working. Now I am not a total idiot when it comes to cars, I can change a tyre, check the oil and water, and I can change a fuse. I thought that the indicators were simply not working due to a blown fuse. I pulled off the fuse panel, checked which fuse it was and replaced it with exactly the same type of fuse out of the spare fuse section and thought right they should not work. They didn't. I called Tony and he said other than the fuse I have no suggestions so you will have to stick your arm out of the window till Monday when you can get it checked out. I have been sick all week and have not gone anywhere, so today was the day I got it checked out. I am still finding my feet in Jamestown and I thought while I am having a coffee with Venessa I would ask her where would be the best place to get such a problem checked out. She told me the Toyota dealers should be able to help. Then said oh wait hang on, one of the guys that works for us is a mechanic. We will take the car over to him and get him to check it out. My car wasn't even in the shed for 2 minutes and he had my indicator working again. I asked him what he did and all he had done was turn the hazard lights off. Apparently my hazard lights are the ones not working, so I never realised they were turned on. As soon as he turned them off again like magic the indicators worked. I felt like such an idiot. I assume Mickalee has been "driving" again and was pushing buttons like a crazy person.

The indicators are fixed and I am happy I managed it without having to wait for my knight in shinning armour to get home.

Bye for now and Happy blogging

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family matters

Hi All
As you know I am sick, so not leaving the house. Nothing much can happen when you don't leave the house so I thought I would share a few funny things with you that have happened over the years. I needed cheering up and writing them did just that.

I have a very dysfunctional family, We would make Dr Phil have a heart attack and the people on Jerry Springer have nothing on us. However that is a story for another time. I am the eldest of three children, I have two brothers and several step brothers and sisters. It is also a possibility that I have half brothers and sisters I don't even know exist considering my dads indiscretions. Anyway when you grow up with so much going on in your family life you develop a good sense of humour, well at least I did. It was my way of dealing with the constant rubbish at home. Keep in mind this didn't happen ALL the time. It was really only in my years at high school. I was also the plump straight A student with glasses so that didn't help either, gee kids can be cruel.

Anyway on to the funnies. My younger brother Josh was always a joker. He still is and him and I are always getting in to trouble due to our inability to think before we speak. Josh is eight years younger than me and I recall one day we were treated to an all you can eat dinner at Pizza Hut. This didn't happen often as money was tight, so you could imagine our excitement. We walked in the door, and Josh who was only about 5 at the time spotted two rather robust women sitting in a booth. He looked up at mum and in his quietest (which was rather loud) 5 year old voice said "Looks like they've been here a while." About half the people in the restaurant heard him and either choked on their food or laughed. Mum was shocked and embarrassed and didn't know if she should walk out again or pretend he didn't say it. Needless to say he got a good talking to when he got home.

My brother Daniel is the quiet one out of us three, he is a two pot screamer and Josh and I (me not so much now) can drink with the best of them. Daniel is now the father of two beautiful boys and has had to do a lot of growing up, as did I when I had my kids. I can just recall one night when Mum and Dad had friends over for a BBQ, Daniel would have been about 10 or 11 and he was standing next to the fire with one of Dad's mates (for arguments sake we will call him Fred). Fred turned to Daniel and asked in front of everyone "Hey Mate have you ever been caught wanking in the cupboard." Imagine a horrified 10 year old, and a gathering of about 20 people looking at him. Number one they were amazed that the initial question had been asked. Number 2 they were waiting to see what the response would be. "Dan screwed up his face and answered "NO". With that Fred replied "It's a bloody good place to hide." The whole gathering cracked up laughing. I don't know if Dan laughed but I remember looking at him and laughing because to me it looked like he was seriously considering how to execute it. MEN, well back then BOYS!!

Mum and I share a good sense of humour, she is my Mum as well as my best friend, I call her several times a day, which I am sure Telstra are grateful for. Even in the bad times Mum still knew how to laugh. I am trying to think of something outrageously funny she did and I am struggling, nothing stick out in my mind with her. She was always cracking jokes and laughing with us, but I can't think of any particular incident. She did once set her hair alight while lighting a cigarette, we found that funny but she didn't. She also accidentally kicked my brother off the bed once when she got a leg cramp. Those sort of things are only funny when your there though. I think Mum is funny all the time and it is small personal family jokes that makes hanging out fun.

There are of course heaps of funny things I can remember about myself but only A few springs to mind that I want to share, the rest are either embarrassing or happened in less than perfect situations. Mum and I were getting ready to go out, and I couldn't decide what to wear, I was in an unusually silly mood and was making jokes about my spare tyre being 14" and hers being a 17' and things like that. When I was finally getting dressed into my selected outfit I said "Oh shit", to which she replied "What now", I then said "You know you are having a bad day when you put your bra on backwards and it fits better." Mum was in stitches and told nearly everyone we saw out that day about my wardrobe malfunction. Keep in mind that I am a size 12F, So this made it even more hilarious. She would tell people and they would look at my boobs then at each other and laugh. My bra's and boobs size has always been the butt of many jokes, for instance Mum once told me never to bend over and walk backwards, because if I did someone may try and milk me. On a reasonably recent trip to Roxby to visit my brother, I misplaced a bra, I assumed I had left in the bathroom or it was mixed up with other dirty washing in the laundry. I told my brother if he found it to keep it for me as it was expensive. As are all my bra's due to the size. He then asked me how he could tell if it was mine. I told him if he can fit his head perfectly in the cup it was mine. His mates laughed the house down and found it highly amusing that Josh would have to put a bra on his head. To this I responded, That is how I check the size if I am rushed for time and can not try it on. They were amazed and didn't believe me.

I hope you all got a good laugh, bye for now and Happy Blogging

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost in Blogland

Hi All
I am still sick and while the girls were sleeping I had some me time on the computer. I did sleep yesterday while they were sleeping but suffered for it most of the night last night. I tossed and turned all night, and was generally restless I never thought it possible but maybe I slept too much. Today I felt like sleeping again due to the dreaded head cold but I thought about last night and decided I had better occupy my mind with something other than sleep. So I got lost in BLOGLAND!

I have been browsing before and for some odd reason I stumble onto blogs in any other language than my own. Although I can't read them I make an effort to look at the pictures because someone has story to tell. The pictures can help you get the general idea.

Today I found some GREAT blogs. Don't ask me how I did it because I am not sure. I never was a computer whizz. After reading the few blogs a came across I realised I didn't need a theme, or a particular topic. My blog is my blog and I can write about what ever I want. I have few faves I subscribe to that are in the side bar so be sure to check them out. I was also thinking of starting a new blog with a joke of the day. I get so many great jokes e-mailed to me and it would be nice to share them with those of you in BLOGLAND!! Let me know what you think about this.

I can understand now why people who blog have more than one. It is addictive. I am hoping my uni stuff arrives soon, so I have another reason to be online ;).

Bye for now and Happy Blogging

Organised mums Update..........sick

Hi All
After such a nice weekend away, I was a little annoyed at the fact the girls had runny noses and coughs and I woke up this morning feeling all stuffed up too.
I went to the chemist to stock up on medicine this morning and bought the girls some dimetapp, found out due to their ages cough medicine is not good for them, so I got them some natural cough lolly pops, some more panadol as Brandy has a small fever with her cold, some Chemists own cold and flu tablets for myself. $50 later I came home. I couldn't believe it. I am just hoping that this is the last round we get this winter. It feels like we only just got over the last round. I felt better after having some flu medication but I still enjoyed a good sleep this afternoon while the girls had thier sleeps. Mickalee slept from 12.30 till 5 o'clock and I broke my own rule and woke her as I was worried she wouldn't sleep tonight. So due to us feeling yucky we had no play group today, I didn't want to go and get everyone else sick. Despite feeling like curling up in a ball and going to sleep I kept up my organisation routine and we played with some play dough at home. Tommorrow I think we might read some books, I wanted to go to the park weather permitting however with them already blocked up I re thought my plan.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

Going Away

Hi All
The weekend away was great, except as usual I forgot the camera so sorry no photo's. The camera got put into the car but unfortunately that is where it stayed I am officially hopeless.

I had packed nearly everything the night before, so Friday morning all I really had to do was feed and dress the girls and we were on our way. They travelled well as usual and this made it all very easy. We got away from Jamestown about 8.30 am and made it to Port Augusta to pick up my brother Josh about 10.30 am. The girls were so excited to see "Uncle Joss" Mickalee can't quite get the "sh" out properly. It was so cute. We went to Big W to make a payment on my Christmas lay-by then we were on the road again to Port Broughton. I treated the girls to Happy Meal, for being so good in the car.

We arrived at Brougton to see mum and hung out at the van all afternoon, Josh had a sleep and mum and I went to the op shop. I bought a top each for the girls and I got an Ironing board for $1 It needs a new cover, but who can whinge when it only cost $1.

We went out for dinner on Friday night and I had oysters and salt and pepper squid. It was all delicious and I ended up getting some of the salt and pepper squid wrapped up to take away, because as usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach. The girls behaved very well and we had a good dinner. It was getting late and I wanted to settle girls so I left mum, Dean and Josh at the pub and went back to van to get the girls to sleep. Mickalee hadn't had a sleep all day and was very, very tired so she went to sleep almost straight away. Brandy however was a different story. She doesn't like being away from her own bed and worked her self into a state which made settling her harder. With my frustration growing and her getting vibes from me this only added to the problem. Dean, mum and Josh had got back at this stage and Josh and I had planned to go out with mum once I had settled the girls and Dean was going to baby sit. He told me not to worry about Brandy he would manage and to go out. I left but I felt bad leaving him with my screaming baby. I knew he could cope you just feel like you are passing off your problem to someone else. We had been at the pub for about 2 minutes and mum got a message saying, she's asleep, I couldn't believe it. We all had a great night out and had fun listening to the music on the jukebox.

We got up when the girls did Saturday morning and made them breakfast, then all got organised and drove over to Kadina for the annual show. I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now as I have not been to a show since about 2001. I was sure the kids would love it, and looked forward to browsing and showing them the animals. I am not sure if it was the weird way the show was set out, but it looked more like a market to me. There was stalls and stalls of scrap booking papers and such for sale, others with Garden ornaments, a few Jewellery ones and clothes. The arena was being used for horse events which is what I expected but not my scene and I did not see 1 animal. No petting zoo, sheep or shearing contest and no cows I must be mistaken but I thought that was what a country show was. Anyway the girls played merry hell the whole time we were there, they wanted to run around but due to the rain and mud I decided the pram was the best place for them. It was also right on their normal nap time when we got there so that didn't help. They both were also showing signs of a cold. We took them out of their pram to feed the clowns the ping pong balls. Mickalee loved it and was delighted when she won a stuffed fish, however Brandy wasn't too sure and wouldn't put her hand to the clowns mouth. She won a stuffed animal and we can't tell if it is a frog or a cat. Anyway after putting up with screams for about an hour we decided to get out of the rain and went back to Port Broughton.

I booked into the cabin for the second night, I had hoped to get one for both nights however they were booked Friday so we stayed in the van with mum and Dean. I stayed in the cabin with the girls Saturday afternoon and they played while Mum took Josh on a tour of the wind farm. Dean and My hubby Tony both work out there and it was good for Josh to see it. They are so majestic, some days due to fog you can not see them but you can hear them. They make a vwop vwop sort of sound as the blade goes past. The photo below is of the wind farm at "Hallet" this was in the early months of the year before we had all this lovely rain. The country side looks a lot greener now. The second is just an example of how the windmill can not be visible in the fog. You can not see the top of the crane, lifting the blades up to the top of the tower.

On Saturday night I had a quiet one and played a friendly game of Poker in the cabin with Mum and Dean, Josh and another guy from the wind farm Steve. We ordered in Pizza and made pigs of ourselves.

On Sunday we slept in as much as the girls let us, which was about 8.30am then we cleaned up and packed all our gear as we had to be out of the cabin by 10am. Mum had been called into work so we went for a drive and got some breakfast while we waited for her. Then we took Josh over to Snowtown. This was where he was meeting his lift back to Roxby. We had lunch at Snowtown while we waited, then once Josh had gone we headed back to Broughton. Mum and I had a coffee once we were back at the van while the girls had a sleep in the car (I leave it running so they get the air-con) then I headed home. I got home about 4.00pm and had to start the seemingly never ending task of washing all the clothes. We had a great weekend and it was good to catch up with Josh.

Bye For now and Happy Blogging


Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Project

Hi All
Thanks to Tracy I have completed my FIRST EVER crochet project. A head band for Mickalee. She gave me a hook and some wool, she had left over and had dyed herself. She showed me a slipknot and how to make a chain. She also showed me a double stitch? I think? I can't remember what it was called. Anyway I practised and pulled it apart, practised again and pulled it apart. I did this for a day and a bit and Tony couldn't understand why I would go so far and start again. I had a lot of trouble matching it up. I would end up with too many stitches, then not enough, so I had a really wavy edge. The finished product is not perfect as the wavy edge is still apparent in some area's. However it isn't THAT bad for a first attempt even if I do say so myself.

It can double as an ear warmer too.

Check out the lump on her cheek. She had a fall at occasional care today, I think she will get a shiner out of it too. She didn't even cry just got up rubbed her cheek and kept going. I told the lady who runs occasional care that we breed em' tough up north!! I also noticed when we got home she had chipped a little off one front tooth.

Anyway I am pretty proud of what I managed to do and I plan to get a ball of wool tomorrow in Port Augusta and make myself a black one. Are you happy now Tracy?? (giggles)

Bye for now and Happy blogging.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art time with Lilly

Hi All
Day two of my organisation spree went well. I made Rachel's finger paint, and Mickalee and Lilly had a great time. I forgot to take into account Rachel has 5 children and I was only making paint for two, so you could imagine how much was left over. (giggles) I thought I would share a few photo's with you.
Please take note of the intense concentration on their faces.

Thanks for coming to play "Miss Lilly"

Mickalee had a BALL!!

I do not own a table cloth, I know very slack of me. I have been meaning to buy them and get a plastic one too for when the girls do crafty mess things. I have not got around to it, so we still do not own a table cloth. I figured the mess would be pretty big considering how much paint I made and I had wiped down the bench, the mess I made while making the paint and wet flour does not wipe up easily. So i decided the best way to protect the table would be to glad wrap it. I have done this before and generally have a pk of cheap wrap in the draw for this purpose. It worked great and when they were finished I just rolled it up and put it in the bin.

Today we did not do art, we played hide and seek and Chase instead. The girls don't really play properly but they have their own little version. I think this is great because we were all laughing and still running around so that was great.

Tomorrow Mickalee has occasional care and I think Brandy and I will try and do some reading. We may even visit the library. Fingers crossed I may be able to read a book to her with out Mickalee running around and distracting her. Who knows, we will probably just end up opening and closing books because she loves that.

I am going away for the weekend!! Hooray!! I am going to Port Augusta on Friday to get my brother then we are going to stay at Pt Brougton with mum and Dean for the weekend. We are also planning on taking the girls to Kadina show. I hope the weather stay nice like it was today. Still chilly but NO RAIN!! I will try and take some photo for you all why I am gone. Have a good weekend.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.



Hi All
Just letting you know I found more pics today and updated some of my previous posts with more pics for you all to see enjoy.
Bye for now and Happy blogging.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Play group

Hi All

Just waned to drop in and let you know that day one of my organisation and the girls activity plan was a success. We went to play group and the girls had a great time. Mickalee painted a picture and let me read half a book to her. This is an improvement normally I only get to read the first page. I also tried to read a book with Brandy but she had more fun turning the pages so we just did that. The team from community health was there today and they had some great idea's of fun things to do without spending heaps of money, just using things you have at home. Unfortunately I missed out last week as the girls had high temps but they promised to cover everything again next week, which I am looking forward to. It will give me some more ideas for activity time. Brandy ran around the place the whole time not doing much, she loves the toys and generally just following the other kids around. Mickalee especially enjoyed "Crocodile lake" (a blue sheet spread out on the floor with pictures of crocodiles on it, then stepping stones to get across it before they nipped at your toes.) I found this amusing, after living in "crock country" for quite along time I found myself smiling at the description of a crocodile nipping. I have heard a lot of other descriptions about crocks, but nipping is a new one. I was once told by someone when I first moved to Gregory that if I was ever taken by a crocodile all I had to do was play dead and it would let me go. He went on to explain that a crocodile will roll with it's "prey" until the "prey" is dead, let it go and leave it to rot a little before it came back. HA!!! I am sorry but playing dead would be the last thing on my mind. Crocodile boots, and a purse? maybe but playing dead I don't think so.

I love the girls going to Play group as it is $35 a year for insurance purposes, then $1 per family each time you attend. You also take a piece of fruit per child to share. It is cheap outing and they love it. The interaction they get with other children prepares them for kindy and school and I get to have a coffee and a chat with the other mums too. It has also given me some great ideas for activities to do at home.

Tomorrow, Brandy is at Occ care from 9am - till 11.45am and Mickalee is having painting time at our house with Lily. I may even make finger paint for them. I got a good recipe for it from Rachal aka juggling mum. I also have some large butchers paper left over from packing a saved specifically for this purpose. The girls will have a great time while Tracy and I enjoy a coffee.

I hope I can stick to this activity plan, It will give me quality time with the girls and help them learn new skills as well as reconfirming old ones. I can not wait for the weather to warm up a little so they can do more outdoor activities which they love. Wish me luck.

Bye for now and happy blogging.


Getting Organised

Hi All
I am joining Tracy in her organisation spree, I pretty much have a routine already for house work. I tidy everyday, dishes in the mornings, washing everyday, sweep after every meal because it is needed and mop every second or third day depending on how much mess the girls have made. I clean the whole house Saturday mornings loo, bathroom, vacuuming etc.

The meal side of the house is semi organised I just need to shop better. We get paid fortnightly and I have plenty of freezer space so instead of shopping every couple of days and buying things I don't need need to do one big shop a fortnight and freeze more.

My issue is with the girls they have a great routine for meal times, sleep and bath times. I just have issues entertaining them. I need to plan a daily activity with them to stop boredom. The t.v needs to go off while we do the said activity and I need to do it for at least an hour. The t.v is an issue in my house because of me. I have it on ALL the time (except at night when I am asleep), I like the back ground noise. The girls watch it in between playing, they walk past watch for 5 minutes go and play come back and watch again for a while then go and play. I have pay t.v and they watch Nick Jr so the type of programs they watch are great, It has helped reinforce Mickalee's colours and counting skills and she enjoys watching "Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego Go" she even says some words in Spanish from watching these shows. They are great but they need more stimulating activities rather than just t.v and free play.

So far this is what I have, obviously it is subject to change if there is a trip away or shopping excursion. It will be good to try and keep it going for the week when Tony is home so he can participate too.

Mondays - Playgroup 10am-12pm
Tuesdays - Brandy Occ care, Mickalee park or craft activity with Lily. (every second week)
- Painting (Every other week)
Wednesday - Play dough or shaving cream (finger painting with it mixed with food colouring)
Thursday - Mickalee Occ care, Brandy reading or building blocks (every second week)
- Craft activity, gluing, drawing, making shakers, music day (plastic container drums)
Friday - Kinder gym (every second week)
- Park on nice days with Tracy, or Painting/drawing. Sidewalk chalk outside. Hopscotch.

Weekends are free because I am hoping to get into a bit of a routine with going out activities. We are home all week, so I will let you know once I have decided what I plan to do.

Hopefully I can stick to this. My girls are very inquisitive I am not saying I have child geniuses on my hands but I think due to the rain and no gate to keep them off the road, they are missing out on valuable outdoor time. So once it is sunnier these activities will be done outside. Oh and I think Santa has a swing set coming this year.

I also need to start doing Pilate's while the girls sleep. I will never ever have a Bikini body but I do desperately need to try and tone up a bit, OK I lied A LOT. Wish me luck.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

A walk in the park..... I mean Forest

Hi All
It has been a very difficult week for us this week, I am sure the farmers are happy and I am not saying the country side doesn't look better for it, however we are just not used to it YET. It has rained nearly every day since we have been here and I don't want to pat myself on the back or anything but I am convinced it followed us. So with the weather being NOT QLD, along with Tracy's photo's from her trip to N.T I felt a little home sick.

I have no clothes dryer yet so for the past week my lounge room has looked like a Chinese laundry mat.

I desperately needed cheering up and needed to get the girls out of the house, they were bored, sick of being inside and I am sure sick of seeing just mum. I was thinking about what I could do today when Tracy called and said her and Pete were taking their kids out to The Bundaleer Forest for a walk and a sausage sizzle and invite us to join them. It was fine and sunny when Tracy called and I thought what a great idea. We went out and had a great afternoon. We had a little bit of drizzly rain, but not enough to make you wish you were inside, on one trip to the car to get drinks I even got a few little hail stones on my jumper. Pete cooked a ripper BBQ and the girls had an absolute ball. I gauge how much fun they had by how dirty they get and they were pretty dirty. Another bonus was wearing them out they slept for 2 hours when we got home.

We had a great day, go to Tracy's blog to check out some very cool pics I only had my phone camera today and the pics from that just wouldn't do it justice.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hi All
We have been in Jamestown now for about 3 months now and so far so good. The girls attend occasional care once each a fortnight, Brandy on a Tuesday and Mickalee on a Thursday. We go to Play group on Mondays and to Kinder gym on Fridays so most weeks they have something to do. Mum is also only an hour away so we go and visit her often also. I think it is great to have some one on one time with each of the girls while the other is not here, Mickalee and I go to the park if it is fine enough and Brandy and I catch up on chatting, napping and reading. Her motor skills aren't quiet advanced enough for her to enjoy the play equipment as much as Mickalee, she just runs up and down the ramp, or climbs up 2 steps, down 2 steps. The park is great for the to run and wear herself out too. I would have done it weekly however the facilities are to be shared and once a fortnight is as often as they can be slotted in, other mums need time out too not just me ; ). The preschool just does not have the facilities for bigger groups, and I am sure staff per head is also an issue. I believe this is soon to change with a larger facility and day care being introduced, I have not been given any thing official to confirm it though. If it is to go ahead I assume due to extensions being built it may take a while. I also understand that not all the funding has raised. So only time will tell.
Now that I have caught up to the present I will be able to post every couple days with things we are doing, place we have been and interesting things the girls have done. I have no idea what possessed me to go back and start where I did. I just think I wanted some sort of record for the girls I guess. I have attempted to make baby books and scrapbooks for the girls but they have only been half finished or things collected with good intentions and never started. I am sure I am not the only person who does this.

Tony is still housed in Clare and we are currently renting in Jamestown, he is housed there with his job and travels to the wind farm daily from there. It is closer than travelling from home, and he is able to come home twice a week to have dinner with us. We see him a lot more often now than we did when we were living in Virginia. It is 70k from Clare to Jamestown and it takes him about an hour. The current roster with the wind farm is 4 weeks on 1 week off. This suits us heaps better than the prior of 2 weeks on 2 days off. We could not achieve anything with such a little break and it was not worth packing up and going anywhere. Next break off lines up with the Adelaide show so we are hoping to go. Fingers crossed the weather holds up for a couple of days and it isn't raining. For the farmers out there please note I am not telling the rain to go away I know you really need it ; ) but even if it held up for two days that would be great.

I have made a couple of friends since being here and thanks to Tracy I am now a blogaholic, she is trying to get me to knit, but really I don't think so. I am going to do some sewing with her though. I can't wait until I get to spotlight and get some material to start the quilts I have planned for the girls. Of course I am a beginner and have no idea what I am doing so Tracy is going to be on hand to help me. Thank goodness. I met Lisa through Tracy and she is a very nice person too. I little bit too keen on exercise for me (laughs) but I can deal with that. I have also met friends of mums, that she made while she was living in the van park. Rod owns and operates "Jamestown Tourist Retreat" he has been very accommodation on occasions by letting me use the laundry facilities to get my clothes dried. I have also met Damien "Pee Wee" Clarke, an iconic Jamestown resident who puts a lot of time and effort into community based projects especially his love of football. For those of you north of the S.A border, yes I mean AFL football, the ballet kind. Our landlords Tim and Vanessa have also been very helpful and welcoming. I can call with a drama and they do everything they can to help me. The first morning I was here I ran out of gas for the heater and did not even know where to start in regards to getting a new one so I called them only to discover they were in the business and delivered it for me.

I had not up until about a month ago had a chance to meet my neighbours with the girls being toddlers in destructive mode I didn't want to impose only for them to trash the place. The lady next door another Tracy is a nurse at the hospital and works nights so she also did not have a chance to come over to meet me. Our dogs are normally in Clare with Tony as the yard there is fenced. Our yard needs a gate to keep them in. However one weekend when Tony was at home he bought the dogs as normal and Hippy ran away. As a general rule they don't roam however when you get complacent it will happen. I put up signs, contacted the pound, told everyone I knew she was missing and basically sat back and waited. She was gone 6 days when I received a phone call from a lady saying she thought the dog she had found belonged to us. Long story short it turned out Hippy had been next door the whole time. One way to meet the neighbours I suppose.
I look forward to making more friends here it is a nice place, however as with any small town it will take a while. Wish me luck.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley

Hi All
Just wanted to say

Riley is my gorgeous nephew and he turned 2 today. We sent him down some wiggles books I hope he likes them. I also wanted to share these great pics with everyone.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Mini Move

Hi All
I am not sure why I have called this the mini move we had twice as much stuff, but I guess we didn't travel anywhere near as far.

Mum and Dean were both away working and I was at the house in Virginia, so it made sense that I packed everything I could rather than them taking days off. I personally didn't like this idea because I HATE PACKING. It isn't a hard job, just tedious and time consuming. The girls loved it, any excuse to use a box as a cubby house. Moving has taught me I should go directly to the toy manufacturers and buy the boxes rather than the toys. I tried the best I could to clean each room as I went and mums friend Carol came out one day to help me. She packed up the linen closet, while I cleaned around her. Sometimes you just need someone there to talk to you why you do what your supposed to, it helps to motivate you even if they don't do anything.

Mum and Dean had hired a truck from Port Pirie and bought it down to Virginia we hoped it would fit in everything and thankfully it did but not before a lot of swearing, re-arranging and bitching at one another. Ryan helped Dean the night before with a couple of heavy items and the rest was left to us the following day. With only the three of us it was a huge day and it was made a little harder with my two little cyclones weaving in and out of everything.

My Nissan was towing the same green trailer it had when I left Gregory and it was very very heavy. I had all the guys tools in it and Tony's tinny on top. Mum and Dean were in the truck behind me. We left Virginia about 4.30pm Tuesday afternoon the 3rd of June. For those of you who wonder why I am so specific with dates it is for my own reference in the future. I have a very good memory but I write it down in-case the kids decide to read it when they are older. All was going OK until I turned onto the Balaklava to Byth Road and blew a tyre on the trailer. Mum even commented to Dean as I rounded the corner "gee that tyre looks a bit spongy." Then with a little cloud of dust my blinker was on and I was pulling over. I drive a 4WD and of course for the first time ever I had no spare for the trailer. Of course, Murphy's law!! When you have a spare you WON'T get a flat. First we called Tony, he couldn't really help as he didn't have a tyre, then we called the RAA, I am a member but they couldn't help they don't DO tyres. So then mum called a tyre shop in Balaklava, the guy came out and fixed it for me what a life saver. He ended up swapping our rim with theirs and it cost $50.00. Including call out fee, what a BARGAIN. The tyre was on good and tight but needless to say I went very slowly from then on as I was scared due to weight it would happen again. Thankfully it didn't.

We arrived at Jamestown about 8pm and we were met with 4 warm chicken burgers, and helpers to unload the truck. Tony and Peewee were there to help and we finally finished taking everything out of the truck about midnight. We had a small incident while unloading, there was a ramp on the back of the truck you could move up and down and it was completely level with the back of the truck to avoid a step and someone lowered it a little. We still don't know who, but mum stepped on it and slipped causing her to fall and hurt her hip and ankle. Not badly but it still bloody hurt all the same. I was so happy the final move for a while (I hope) was OVER.

Mum and Dean headed off early Wednesday morning to return the truck and Tony and I started the seemingly never ending job of unpacking boxes. He sorted out all the boy things in the shed and bought boxes in that I asked for. I was so sore from the day before I didn't want to lift anything. The girls were happy to get their t.v back and of course more boxes to play in.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life At Virginia

Hi All
We had settled in reasonably quickly at Mum and Dean's rental house in Virginia, for those of you who don't know Virginia is a Suburb of Adelaide South Australia. We had decided only to unpack the necessities as we knew this was only a temporary arrangement and we would be renting a place of our own soon enough. We just needed to decide where.

The girls having a bath in the UGLY purple bath in the Virginia house.

The girls on the "LOVELY" carpet that almost cause a break down trying to keep it clean

I am not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post however the day before we left we realised there had been a mix up in communication on Tony's part and he didn't in fact have the job at the wind farm. As far as the site boss knew he was coming down to look around and to see if it was what he wanted to do and they were going to basically have a job interview. I will warn you all that this is what happens when you deal with more than one person. We decided it didn't matter we had already given our resignation and packed up and said our goodbyes, so if the wind farm job did in fact fall through, which we were quietly confident that it wouldn't he would find something else. Tony called when we arrived and organised for his interview and all went very well. He started work about 3 weeks after we arrived.

So please consider this, we had just travelled 2800+K's for this job, spent up to and above $3000 to get here and keep our heads a float before his first pay check only to find out that the company he would be working for payed monthly and were 2 weeks behind in their rotation so it was going to be 6 weeks before we were paid. Oh My God what were we going to do?

I usually get my Centre link payment withheld throughout the year and get them in one lump sum once we have done our tax return. I do this because at the farm Tony was getting paid by the hour and it was very hard to estimate how much he would earn. Crops, rain, harvesting and watering affected everything. If they had rain he didn't have to water so less hours less pay. If they had good enough prolonged rain they couldn't harvest and bail. You get the idea, very unpredictable and I didn't want to get into a situation where I owed Centre link money as this would have made things even harder. So at the end of the financial year 06'/07' when we got a lump sum, I paid off the rest of the car. Anyway back to the original story I called Centre link and asked them if I could please receive my payments for the next 6 weeks. I do not know what we would have done without this money or money loaned to us from Mum and Dean. Tony also asked for a weeks advance after he had been working there for 3 weeks so that helped too. Mum and Dean were also letting us stay in there house rent free so that also made a HUGE difference.

Mum and Dean had moved the van to Port Broughton and were staying there as they were both working on the wind farm. Dean is a crane operator and Mum worked in the smoko van. So Port Broughton was there home away from home. Tony was housed in Clare so he was also closer to the job site in Snowtown and the girls and I were in the house at Virginia by ourselves. The house looked very nice, however it had white carpet so you could imagine the drama's I faced with two toddlers trying to keep that clean. It was also very, very cold at night and very noisy it was located on a reasonably busy road and I don't think it had insulation. Every time a car drove passed it sounded like it was in the house. I would take the girls down to the local shopping centre everyday just for something to do and Mickalee would say Hi to everyone and it amazed me how many people ignored her. She is two! What is she going to do Steal your purse? I don't think so!! Needless to say I HATED IT!!

Mum and Deans lease was due to run out at the beginning of June so we started looking for another house to move into. We considered where all the up coming jobs were going to be and decided Jamestown was reasonably central to all of them and by moving here I was guaranteed to be one place for longer than 6 months. We looked around all the rental websites and organised to view a few that let us have pets outside. One house had wooden floor boards and as soon as the girls heard their stomps echo I couldn't stop them so I had to say no, then the other had a yard but it wasn't fenced really well and was on a corner block with 2 reasonably bust streets surrounding it and I saw it as a danger. Mum and Dean had stayed in the van park in Jamestown for a few months while Dean was working at Hallet and made some friends. One day while mum was visiting one of the ladies told her about a private rental. So we called the number viewed the house and I fell in love. It was perfect.

The house was a cream demountable with four bedrooms, new kitchen and very tidy bathroom, loo and laundry. It has carpet throughout but it a burnt colour older style short shag so very easy to keep clean. I loved the black lino in the kitchen and dining area, and I knew Tony would love the fact It has a HUGE shed. There is no lawns to mow, only 2 garden beds with roses, and a nice mini oasis with ferns and a fish pond. We had found our new home in a nice small country town. I was happy.

Goodbye Virginia!!! I will not miss you!!
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The BIG move

Hi All

My car was all packed up and hitched to it was a green trailer filled to the top. I had both the kids asleep in their car seats and nearly every available space was taken up with something. Tony had his Ute and a blue trailer, both were completely overloaded, very full with heavy items. He had his motorbike, welder, both the dogs and other "man stuff". We left Gregory hay farm at 4am on Friday morning the 28Th March 08'. We had planned to get to Camooweal to feed the girls breakfast then try to make it Alice Springs that night. I followed Tony the majority of the way down the dirt road. It wasn't in it's best condition but we had been on it when it was worse. There were two boggy patches on the road and for those of you who know how I feel about wet dirt roads you would have been proud. I drove through a HUGE muddy patch while towing a trailer and I DIDN'T cry. About 10k from the bitumen Tony pulled over to visit a tree, I asked him if he was OK and he yeah stop at the turn off and I will meet you. I waited at the turn off for half an hour and decided to turn back and find him. I had only done 5k, which was half way back to where I had left him when I met up with him again. He had done a tyre and the spare he had needed more air due to his excessive load, and I had the air compressor with me. Tony's car is old but there is nothing wrong with it. She runs well and considering the trip she did we were proud of her. She is a little noisy and with the load she had her top speed was only 80kph but we got to S.A, so we can't complain. While I was waiting for Tony at the turn off I had given the girls a snack, and a drink and I had also done the rounds of my trailer to check the ropes. The back window of the Nissan was fine and all the tyre were good. However when I found Tony and got the air compressor out for him, I noticed the back window was smashed. This often happens when you tow a caravan or trailer on a dirt road rocks flick up from the trailer and smash thing. We weren't even 200k from Gregory and already he had done a tyre and I had smashed a window. We continued onto Camooweal where I changed the girls and fed them breakfast while he bought a new tyre.

At Camooweal we decided that now we were on a reasonably busy main highway I would go ahead at my own speed and drive while the girls slept and stop when I needed to and Tony would just cruise along at 80 in Speedy. I had an UN eventful trip and made it Alice Springs Friday night the 28Th of March at 11.30pm. I pulled into the van park and found our cabin and then attempted to sort the trailer out so it was not in any ones way. I can reverse a trailer eventually and when it is day light it is so much easier, the tail lights were not at all helping and the man in the cabin next door had parked his car the wrong way so essentially it took up 3 parks. I had received a MSG from Tony saying he was rolling the swag out at Barrow Creek as he had hit a Donkey and he would meet up with me in Alice the following morning. So there went the idea of waiting for him to do it for me. I had also in my sleep deprived state that I should UN hitch it and push it in. YEAH RIGHT!! What a moron. I moved the loaded trailer around at the farm quite easily as it was on solid red dirt, The van park at Alice was rocks so this made it a lot harder. I was so Glad to see Dad, Pa and Ange in Alice thankfully they were there on the bash and Dad backed the car and trailer in for me so it was out of the way. The girls had been asleep but woke as soon as I tried to move them and didn't like the idea of sleeping in a strange environment. I think I eventually fell asleep about 3am.

The following morning Tony arrived about 10.30am and we headed off. Myself and the kids only had a little day on the Saturday compared to the day prior as we only made it Cadney Homestead. Tony had come from Barrow Creek so that made it a reasonably big day for him. We had crossed the border and were on the home stretch now as far as we were concerned. I was over driving, I ached all over and had a sore bum, and the girls were sick of being in the car I am sure they were stiff too. I will say right here and now "I LOVE MY PORTABLE DVD PLAYER." I honestly don't think the kids would have coped so well if it wasn't for that.

On the Sunday Tony drove out of Cadney at about 4am and I reset the alarm for 5.30am as I knew I would catch up to him. 20k before Coober Pedy i pulled up on the side of the road and had a small nap in the car, I was yawning and thought this was safer than trying to stay awake. I napped for 20 minutes while the girls watched "Dora". I drove to Coober Pedy where I fed the girls breakfast and got a much needed coffee. I caught up to Tony in Glendambo, where he was fixing something on the Toyota. I told him I would keep going while the girls were quiet and I would meet him in Port Pirie where I had to pick up my brother. I made it Port Pirie about 3 o'clock and it took an hour and a bit of re-arranging to collect Josh and his gear. Josh lives in Roxby where he is doing an electrician apprenticeship and I was taking him to Adelaide to attend a funeral. We met up with Tony just out of Port Pirie and then travelled together until we reached Virginia, a suburb just out of Adelaide where mum and dean were renting a house. We all pulled up together about 7.30pm on Sunday the 30Th of March. We had travelled just over 2800K's. Boy was I glad that was over. I had driven that road 3 times in just under 12 months. I could never be a truck driver, and I do not envy them. We were at our new temporary house, and excited to start the next chapter in our life.

Bye For now and Happy Blogging.