Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a SMALL world!!

Hi All
I was watching Nick Jr with the girls again today and they were watching a show called "The Big World." It is a show about all these animals that live in the "world tree", there is a sloth, a couple of monkey's and an ant eater among others and it got me thinking about things that have happened and had me saying "WOW it is a small world."

I moved with my family from Bordertown to Adelaide when I was 13, as I had grown out of my Barbie dolls and didn't play with them anymore mum suggested instead of taking up precious space in the moving truck how about I pass them on to some other little girls who would enjoy them as much as I did. So I decided to give them to Tara and Kim. Tara was in my brothers class at school and was about 5. My mum and Dad were acquaintances with the girls parents and one afternoon we went over to their house and dropped them off. I moved to QLD in April 02 when I was 19 and went home the following November to attend a cousins engagement Party. Long story short mum met up with Dean at this particular party and they are now engaged. So Tara and Kim are now my step sisters.

When I was 4 I lived about 40k out of Bordertown in a place called Bangham. It consisted of 3 houses and everyday I would catch the bus into and home from Kindy. For memory we only lived there for a short amount of time, but I remember it well. When I was at the pub in Gregory working one day, a tourist couple stopped buy for a drink and we got to talking. They asked the usual tourist question, "How does a young girl like you end up working in a place like this?" I told them I was original a country girl from S.A and when my family relocated to Adelaide I hated it, got a job in outback QLD fell in love with the place and haven't left yet." They said oh well we are from S.A originally too where are you from?". I say "Bordertown." They reply "No way, we used to live near Bordertown in a place called Bangham." I was shocked and told them "I used to live at Bangham too. It turned out they had lived in the same house I did only 23 years before. WOW, and of all place to meet them was Gregory Downs!! AMAZING!!

*Insert music* It's a small world after all. *do de do de do*

Bye for now and happy blogging.

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