Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ball is Rolling.........Finally

Hi All
My Uni welcome pack and information kit arrived today. Hooray!! I was thinking of posting a picture of my hair, so we can compare when I finished and see how many grey hairs I earned myself. I was to ashamed to do this in-case I earn too many!! So instead you get a picture of all my papers. Talk about info overload, once I started reading.
I am sure I will cope with this once I have settled into a routine of study. I am only doing one unit at a time which requires between 8 and 10 hours a week study. So instead of watching T.V (old me time) in the afternoons while the girls have their naps I can now study (new me time), I also am a night owl and the girls are in bed by 8pm so night time also offers a few extra hours if I need it.

All I ever wanted to do was have kids, from the age of eight I decided that was why I was here on earth. Mum and Dad had a few rough patches and arguments throughout my whole child hood but I recall after one argument while I was about this age, I told mum and I quote "I am NEVER getting bloody married, ALL men are stupid." Mum then said "but Becky what about your babies?" (Mum gave me the birds and the bee's talk very early as she got her periods at age 7 she wanted me to be prepared. I was one of the lucky ones though. I started about 16) "That's OK I will find a man to give me a baby then piss him off." Number 1: Swearing wasn't a huge taboo in our house, number 2: My husband is totally scared that now I have had his two kids I am going to pack him up and ship him out. I reassure him that I was only a kid, and if he ever attempted to leave I would tie him up with the dogs. Anyhow back to my original point, now that I have had the girls I feel like I need to do something for me. Not to mention that with 2 and a half years of repetitive routine I feel like my brain has gone numb. Don't get me wrong as I have said in previous posts I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to choose between work and kids, but really it doesn't take an Einstein to change a nappy or make a cheese sandwich. So to prevent my brain from turning off indefinitely I decided to study.

One thing I could not understand was the fact that I did not have to complete year 12 to start at Uni. Hello, Why didn't someone tell me this 1998, I would have left in year 10, made a heap of money, travelled and enjoyed the world. I left High School in year 12, which was Sept 2000, only a few days after I turned 18. Prior to turning 18 I was working at a local Hotel after school as a waitress and when I turned 18 they promised to give me hours serving behind the bar. So unfortunately the prospect of making $18.00 an hour and getting a loan for my first car, totally out weighed school, which I was failing anyway. I am not an idiot I can do well when I apply myself but when I finally reached year 12 all my friends had either dropped out or were on a different schedule to me, so I had no fun and didn't want to be there. I had, had enough of school, show me the money!
To start with I hadn't decided what exactly I was going to study so the a helpful lady suggested I start with an "Introduction to University Learning" The one I received today that begins on Sept 1st. Then do a base unit "Social Science in Australia." The base unit is a unit in 3 subjects, so it gives me three options to choose from. I can either do "Criminology and Criminal Justice", "Community Services", or "Psychology". I am hoping to either try and get a government based job when I have finished or study more. I have 10 years to complete this degree, so I can stop and start and have more babies if we decide to which I think was a great idea.
I will try and give you all regular updates on how I am going within my posts. Bye for now and happy blogging.

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