Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I miss Tony.........I need him to do boy stuff.

Hi All
I am feeling a lot better today and ventured out of the house for the first time since Sunday and went and had coffee with Venessa. It is still cold here and surprise, surprise it's raining AGAIN.

I am one of the lucky mums who has a choice whether or not to stay home and play home maker or go back to work. Tony earns enough for me to stay home and most days I enjoy it. There is the odd day where I would love to have my brain ticking faster, so to fill that craving I decided to start studying. The only down side to this is the fact that for Tony to earn the bigger $$ he away for 4 weeks at a time then home for a week. I miss him of course when he is not here but we knew that was the arrangement when we took the job. We decided it was a good offer and the money was great. It has given us the opportunity to knuckle down get out of debt and even perhaps start saving to buy our first home. I am not about to sit here and tell you that I have it as hard as a single mum for 4 weeks out of 5 because I don't, but having him away certainly makes me sympathise more with them. I miss him even more when the roses need pruning or the weeds need spraying, and of course when something goes wrong with the car. However it has also taught me I can do those jobs without him if I have to.

As you know I went away for the weekend, well while I was away the indicators on my car stopped working. Now I am not a total idiot when it comes to cars, I can change a tyre, check the oil and water, and I can change a fuse. I thought that the indicators were simply not working due to a blown fuse. I pulled off the fuse panel, checked which fuse it was and replaced it with exactly the same type of fuse out of the spare fuse section and thought right they should not work. They didn't. I called Tony and he said other than the fuse I have no suggestions so you will have to stick your arm out of the window till Monday when you can get it checked out. I have been sick all week and have not gone anywhere, so today was the day I got it checked out. I am still finding my feet in Jamestown and I thought while I am having a coffee with Venessa I would ask her where would be the best place to get such a problem checked out. She told me the Toyota dealers should be able to help. Then said oh wait hang on, one of the guys that works for us is a mechanic. We will take the car over to him and get him to check it out. My car wasn't even in the shed for 2 minutes and he had my indicator working again. I asked him what he did and all he had done was turn the hazard lights off. Apparently my hazard lights are the ones not working, so I never realised they were turned on. As soon as he turned them off again like magic the indicators worked. I felt like such an idiot. I assume Mickalee has been "driving" again and was pushing buttons like a crazy person.

The indicators are fixed and I am happy I managed it without having to wait for my knight in shinning armour to get home.

Bye for now and Happy blogging

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