Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting Organised

Hi All
I am joining Tracy in her organisation spree, I pretty much have a routine already for house work. I tidy everyday, dishes in the mornings, washing everyday, sweep after every meal because it is needed and mop every second or third day depending on how much mess the girls have made. I clean the whole house Saturday mornings loo, bathroom, vacuuming etc.

The meal side of the house is semi organised I just need to shop better. We get paid fortnightly and I have plenty of freezer space so instead of shopping every couple of days and buying things I don't need need to do one big shop a fortnight and freeze more.

My issue is with the girls they have a great routine for meal times, sleep and bath times. I just have issues entertaining them. I need to plan a daily activity with them to stop boredom. The t.v needs to go off while we do the said activity and I need to do it for at least an hour. The t.v is an issue in my house because of me. I have it on ALL the time (except at night when I am asleep), I like the back ground noise. The girls watch it in between playing, they walk past watch for 5 minutes go and play come back and watch again for a while then go and play. I have pay t.v and they watch Nick Jr so the type of programs they watch are great, It has helped reinforce Mickalee's colours and counting skills and she enjoys watching "Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego Go" she even says some words in Spanish from watching these shows. They are great but they need more stimulating activities rather than just t.v and free play.

So far this is what I have, obviously it is subject to change if there is a trip away or shopping excursion. It will be good to try and keep it going for the week when Tony is home so he can participate too.

Mondays - Playgroup 10am-12pm
Tuesdays - Brandy Occ care, Mickalee park or craft activity with Lily. (every second week)
- Painting (Every other week)
Wednesday - Play dough or shaving cream (finger painting with it mixed with food colouring)
Thursday - Mickalee Occ care, Brandy reading or building blocks (every second week)
- Craft activity, gluing, drawing, making shakers, music day (plastic container drums)
Friday - Kinder gym (every second week)
- Park on nice days with Tracy, or Painting/drawing. Sidewalk chalk outside. Hopscotch.

Weekends are free because I am hoping to get into a bit of a routine with going out activities. We are home all week, so I will let you know once I have decided what I plan to do.

Hopefully I can stick to this. My girls are very inquisitive I am not saying I have child geniuses on my hands but I think due to the rain and no gate to keep them off the road, they are missing out on valuable outdoor time. So once it is sunnier these activities will be done outside. Oh and I think Santa has a swing set coming this year.

I also need to start doing Pilate's while the girls sleep. I will never ever have a Bikini body but I do desperately need to try and tone up a bit, OK I lied A LOT. Wish me luck.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

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