Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Girls

Hi All
The girls are doing better. There is a lot less coughing and a lot less of wiping noses, so hopefully we are off to Playgroup tomorrow. God knows they are sick and tired of being in the house with me. Yesterday was a good day for them daddy was home and they got to play in the shed with him. I was glad it was not raining as it would have been an absolute nightmare trying to keep them inside while he was outside. They love time with daddy.

Mickalee is going through a terribly bossy phase at the moment, including bossing me. If I am not within her sight she runs around the house until she finds me then says "mummy you need to be in the kitchen." I am not sure why I need to be in the kitchen, but for some reason that is where she wants me to be. She is nasty to Brandy and doesn't want to share. Everything Brandy has she wants, and this includes cuddles from mum. I of course don't mind the cuddle part. Mickalee isn't a cuddly kid but Brandy is, so it is good to see a more affectionate side of her.

I am having a real issue at the moment with repeating myself, Brandy is generally good when we are at home however into everything when we go somewhere new. She loves exploring and touching things she is not supposed to. She is great at running in the opposite direction to everyone else, so this means I have to carry her when we go somewhere, or have her in the pram. She has also started to defend herself when Mickalee is bossy. She used to just walk away but now she pushes, pulls hair and screams. Mickalee is just at the peak (I hope) of the terrible two's she does things over and over even though she has been told repeatedly not to do them. I think that due to her speech being so good I forget she is only two.

Listed below is 3 reasons I know the kids are sick of being cooped up inside.

#1. This morning while I was in the toilet they pulled everything they could reach out of the fridge. No they were not hungry, they had just eaten 3 weet-bix each, in-case that didn't fill them up I offered them a banana each and they said no.

#2. While I was in the shower, Mickalee poured the whole contents of my large salt shaker all over the carpet. Normally I would make her help clean up a mess she has made but she is only 2 and petrified of the vacuum cleaner. So I vacuumed again even though I did it yesterday.

#3. I went outside to take the rubbish out and they decided it would be fun to empty there drink bottles onto the floor in the kitchen. Sticky orange juice everywhere, and I had to mop again, even though I did it yesterday.

I have not been very good this week with my planned activity lists for them, however with me and them all being sick I think I am excused. I am starting fresh tomorrow with playgroup. Wish me luck. I have kept up with most of the house work except for the clothes I am having issues with drying them all, but that is natures doing not mine. I need a clothes dryer but am not planning to buy one because if Matt and Carla move in with us as planned we will end up with two of them.

Bye for now and happy blogging.

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MissyMoo84 said...

sorry can't help but laugh! Don't you just LOVE it when they get bored of inside and start playing up ... I had 12 eggs, 3 ltrs of normal milk and 1 ltr of soy milk all over my carpet one day... lovely! (at least there wasn't flour)
Hope they are feeling better now.