Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art time with Lilly

Hi All
Day two of my organisation spree went well. I made Rachel's finger paint, and Mickalee and Lilly had a great time. I forgot to take into account Rachel has 5 children and I was only making paint for two, so you could imagine how much was left over. (giggles) I thought I would share a few photo's with you.
Please take note of the intense concentration on their faces.

Thanks for coming to play "Miss Lilly"

Mickalee had a BALL!!

I do not own a table cloth, I know very slack of me. I have been meaning to buy them and get a plastic one too for when the girls do crafty mess things. I have not got around to it, so we still do not own a table cloth. I figured the mess would be pretty big considering how much paint I made and I had wiped down the bench, the mess I made while making the paint and wet flour does not wipe up easily. So i decided the best way to protect the table would be to glad wrap it. I have done this before and generally have a pk of cheap wrap in the draw for this purpose. It worked great and when they were finished I just rolled it up and put it in the bin.

Today we did not do art, we played hide and seek and Chase instead. The girls don't really play properly but they have their own little version. I think this is great because we were all laughing and still running around so that was great.

Tomorrow Mickalee has occasional care and I think Brandy and I will try and do some reading. We may even visit the library. Fingers crossed I may be able to read a book to her with out Mickalee running around and distracting her. Who knows, we will probably just end up opening and closing books because she loves that.

I am going away for the weekend!! Hooray!! I am going to Port Augusta on Friday to get my brother then we are going to stay at Pt Brougton with mum and Dean for the weekend. We are also planning on taking the girls to Kadina show. I hope the weather stay nice like it was today. Still chilly but NO RAIN!! I will try and take some photo for you all why I am gone. Have a good weekend.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.


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