Monday, August 18, 2008

Going Away

Hi All
The weekend away was great, except as usual I forgot the camera so sorry no photo's. The camera got put into the car but unfortunately that is where it stayed I am officially hopeless.

I had packed nearly everything the night before, so Friday morning all I really had to do was feed and dress the girls and we were on our way. They travelled well as usual and this made it all very easy. We got away from Jamestown about 8.30 am and made it to Port Augusta to pick up my brother Josh about 10.30 am. The girls were so excited to see "Uncle Joss" Mickalee can't quite get the "sh" out properly. It was so cute. We went to Big W to make a payment on my Christmas lay-by then we were on the road again to Port Broughton. I treated the girls to Happy Meal, for being so good in the car.

We arrived at Brougton to see mum and hung out at the van all afternoon, Josh had a sleep and mum and I went to the op shop. I bought a top each for the girls and I got an Ironing board for $1 It needs a new cover, but who can whinge when it only cost $1.

We went out for dinner on Friday night and I had oysters and salt and pepper squid. It was all delicious and I ended up getting some of the salt and pepper squid wrapped up to take away, because as usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach. The girls behaved very well and we had a good dinner. It was getting late and I wanted to settle girls so I left mum, Dean and Josh at the pub and went back to van to get the girls to sleep. Mickalee hadn't had a sleep all day and was very, very tired so she went to sleep almost straight away. Brandy however was a different story. She doesn't like being away from her own bed and worked her self into a state which made settling her harder. With my frustration growing and her getting vibes from me this only added to the problem. Dean, mum and Josh had got back at this stage and Josh and I had planned to go out with mum once I had settled the girls and Dean was going to baby sit. He told me not to worry about Brandy he would manage and to go out. I left but I felt bad leaving him with my screaming baby. I knew he could cope you just feel like you are passing off your problem to someone else. We had been at the pub for about 2 minutes and mum got a message saying, she's asleep, I couldn't believe it. We all had a great night out and had fun listening to the music on the jukebox.

We got up when the girls did Saturday morning and made them breakfast, then all got organised and drove over to Kadina for the annual show. I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now as I have not been to a show since about 2001. I was sure the kids would love it, and looked forward to browsing and showing them the animals. I am not sure if it was the weird way the show was set out, but it looked more like a market to me. There was stalls and stalls of scrap booking papers and such for sale, others with Garden ornaments, a few Jewellery ones and clothes. The arena was being used for horse events which is what I expected but not my scene and I did not see 1 animal. No petting zoo, sheep or shearing contest and no cows I must be mistaken but I thought that was what a country show was. Anyway the girls played merry hell the whole time we were there, they wanted to run around but due to the rain and mud I decided the pram was the best place for them. It was also right on their normal nap time when we got there so that didn't help. They both were also showing signs of a cold. We took them out of their pram to feed the clowns the ping pong balls. Mickalee loved it and was delighted when she won a stuffed fish, however Brandy wasn't too sure and wouldn't put her hand to the clowns mouth. She won a stuffed animal and we can't tell if it is a frog or a cat. Anyway after putting up with screams for about an hour we decided to get out of the rain and went back to Port Broughton.

I booked into the cabin for the second night, I had hoped to get one for both nights however they were booked Friday so we stayed in the van with mum and Dean. I stayed in the cabin with the girls Saturday afternoon and they played while Mum took Josh on a tour of the wind farm. Dean and My hubby Tony both work out there and it was good for Josh to see it. They are so majestic, some days due to fog you can not see them but you can hear them. They make a vwop vwop sort of sound as the blade goes past. The photo below is of the wind farm at "Hallet" this was in the early months of the year before we had all this lovely rain. The country side looks a lot greener now. The second is just an example of how the windmill can not be visible in the fog. You can not see the top of the crane, lifting the blades up to the top of the tower.

On Saturday night I had a quiet one and played a friendly game of Poker in the cabin with Mum and Dean, Josh and another guy from the wind farm Steve. We ordered in Pizza and made pigs of ourselves.

On Sunday we slept in as much as the girls let us, which was about 8.30am then we cleaned up and packed all our gear as we had to be out of the cabin by 10am. Mum had been called into work so we went for a drive and got some breakfast while we waited for her. Then we took Josh over to Snowtown. This was where he was meeting his lift back to Roxby. We had lunch at Snowtown while we waited, then once Josh had gone we headed back to Broughton. Mum and I had a coffee once we were back at the van while the girls had a sleep in the car (I leave it running so they get the air-con) then I headed home. I got home about 4.00pm and had to start the seemingly never ending task of washing all the clothes. We had a great weekend and it was good to catch up with Josh.

Bye For now and Happy Blogging


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