Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Project

Hi All
Thanks to Tracy I have completed my FIRST EVER crochet project. A head band for Mickalee. She gave me a hook and some wool, she had left over and had dyed herself. She showed me a slipknot and how to make a chain. She also showed me a double stitch? I think? I can't remember what it was called. Anyway I practised and pulled it apart, practised again and pulled it apart. I did this for a day and a bit and Tony couldn't understand why I would go so far and start again. I had a lot of trouble matching it up. I would end up with too many stitches, then not enough, so I had a really wavy edge. The finished product is not perfect as the wavy edge is still apparent in some area's. However it isn't THAT bad for a first attempt even if I do say so myself.

It can double as an ear warmer too.

Check out the lump on her cheek. She had a fall at occasional care today, I think she will get a shiner out of it too. She didn't even cry just got up rubbed her cheek and kept going. I told the lady who runs occasional care that we breed em' tough up north!! I also noticed when we got home she had chipped a little off one front tooth.

Anyway I am pretty proud of what I managed to do and I plan to get a ball of wool tomorrow in Port Augusta and make myself a black one. Are you happy now Tracy?? (giggles)

Bye for now and Happy blogging.


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Tracy said...

Wow you learn quick! That looks excellent Bec. Well Done. Oh Poor Mickalee. She was so brave.