Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost in Blogland

Hi All
I am still sick and while the girls were sleeping I had some me time on the computer. I did sleep yesterday while they were sleeping but suffered for it most of the night last night. I tossed and turned all night, and was generally restless I never thought it possible but maybe I slept too much. Today I felt like sleeping again due to the dreaded head cold but I thought about last night and decided I had better occupy my mind with something other than sleep. So I got lost in BLOGLAND!

I have been browsing before and for some odd reason I stumble onto blogs in any other language than my own. Although I can't read them I make an effort to look at the pictures because someone has story to tell. The pictures can help you get the general idea.

Today I found some GREAT blogs. Don't ask me how I did it because I am not sure. I never was a computer whizz. After reading the few blogs a came across I realised I didn't need a theme, or a particular topic. My blog is my blog and I can write about what ever I want. I have few faves I subscribe to that are in the side bar so be sure to check them out. I was also thinking of starting a new blog with a joke of the day. I get so many great jokes e-mailed to me and it would be nice to share them with those of you in BLOGLAND!! Let me know what you think about this.

I can understand now why people who blog have more than one. It is addictive. I am hoping my uni stuff arrives soon, so I have another reason to be online ;).

Bye for now and Happy Blogging

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