Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi All
As you know my girls are 18months and 30 months, so tantrums are very common in my house. I do not give in to their every whim and thus we get a tantrum. I just thought I would share a couple of the best ones we have had in the last few weeks.

Please imagine a high pitch scream to accompany this photo! For memory she wanted a circle biscuit and I said no, as she had already had one. I offered her a banana and a pear and she screamed at me!! Two year olds are so pleasant. ; )

This is when she had calmed down and decided that maybe a banana would be nice.

Brandy has not started to kick her legs yet when she throws herself on the floor, but I am waiting for it. I am sure it will start eventually. I can't remember how this started but I assume it may have something to do with me telling her for the billionth time not to play in the cupboard!

We start on our front normally then roll over onto our backs to see if anyone is watching. No-one normally is at this point. I try to ignore it not encourage it however this time the photo op was too good to miss.

Tantrums are an odd thing to blog about and I talk about my girls all the time but I decided I would share some of the BAD things with you all. I feel that when I was pregnant no-one told me the truth about children. I was ripped off and lead into a obscure version of the truth. I was told about the birthing process, the PAIN, the sleepless nights when they are babies (I was a lucky one I had sleepers so this was never a HUGE issue.) and endless nappy changes, feeds and burps but no-one talked about the toddlers. Not one person told me that I would have days where jumping of a cliff seemed like a great idea, just so I could get peace. No-one told me that I would NEVER pee alone again. No-one told me that a two year old will repeat everything she says a million times (in-case you didn't hear it the first hundred times) just because she can. No-one mentioned that they would scream at the top of their lungs as soon as I am on the phone, or that they get even louder when the call is important. Consider this my WARNING to those who have not had babies yet OR have babies that are not "EXPLORING" yet. GOOD LUCK!!!

I will also say all the things I mentioned above will happen ALL on the same day just to really test you, but it makes it ALL worth it when they say something like. "I love you mummy." Or

They sit and eat their breakfast quietly so you can enjoy your first cup of coffee in PEACE!

Bye for now and happy blogging.


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