Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blah, Blah. Blah and other irrelavant nonsence!

Hi All
I have been keeping up to date with all the little or sometimes BIG blogs I read, and my day does not feel complete until I have checked up on everyone. I went away last week as you know and I came home to about 30 new posts in my reader for me to enjoy. Despite being absolutely buggered I sat up and read every last one. So much happened in the 3 days I was away I was amazed!

I have come to a dead end in blogland at the moment, my house is relatively quite by comparison and nothing much has happened around here in the last few days so I have had nothing to post about. I am sure now that I have said it though a freak tornado will rip my roof off tomorrow and I will have heaps to talk about.

The girls are being their normal destructive selves, I am sure they think that they need to mess the house up once I have cleaned it just so I don't get bored. They conspire against me I am sure of it (NO I am not just paranoid!). I can picture the conversation now "Hey Brandy mum just picked up all the toys in the playroom.". Brandy is watching Dora. "Yeah so?". Mickalee walks to the toy room, and up ends both toy baskets. "Hey Brandy quick come here you have to see this." Brandy runs to Mickalee. "See what?" Mickalee yells "MUM!! Brandy just tipped all the toys out." OK OK they are only little but seriously that is what it is like. Mickalee is a schemer and Brandy falls for it every time. Where do kids learn this stuff from? Mickalee did something naughty the other day, for memory it had something to do with drawing on something she shouldn't of and she said "No not me mummy it was the monkey." I know I have bad days but if we had a damn monkey in the house I am sure I would have noticed it!! I don't lie, and my husband doesn't lie (except for when I ask him if my butt is getting big. I don't care how big it gets!! He better lie.!!) So why is she lying. I just don't understand. She is socialised with other kids but the kids she plays with have been taught the same values, as her and have never lied to me. She watches Nick Jr and I have seen a couple of shows about lying but it has always been related to how wrong it is. Where is she picking it up? She has also discovered how to say "NO WAY!", "No"came a long time ago but this new vocabulary is driving me insane. I hope it is just a phase and i prey for the day when she says "sure mummy!" Wishful thinking on my part I know but I can dream can't I?

Tony left on Tuesday morning for the Canberra wind farm job and will be away this stint for 4 weeks, then home for one. This is no different to the roster he was working at Snowtown except due to him being a lot closer he was able to come home during his weeks at work to have dinner with us and see his beautiful girls. Tony suffers more than we do when he is away, I am so pre-occupied with the girls, uni and house things I don't have time to focus on him not being here. I can have endless phone calls with him at night, so this helps and makes it seem like he is close by. The girls are too young yet to realise he is away, and when Mickalee does ask where he is I tell her "Daddy is at work." and she simply says "OK". One day she got mad and said "NO mummy, daddy is at school not work." I thought it was so cute I never corrected her. I also get to see the girls everyday. On a bad day with the girls I envy him 3 weeks away is my idea of heaven.

I would love to say CONGRATULATIONS to Mel from "A Dream come true" on the safe but hectic arrival of her little baby boy Ashton Blake, who weighed in at a TINY (not) 11 pounds. WOW!! Hope all is going well with your new bundle of joy!.

I hope to be back soon with something more interesting for you all.
Bye for now and Happy blogging

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MissyMoo84 said...

hahaha hun it's NORMAL for kids to tell white lies ;) Don't think it means anyhing bad or else I am a bad mum too lol
Thanks for the congratz!! I just logged on, haven't looked at my reader in... too long... and i'll be here for a while I think haha!