Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Doggy Dollar!

Hi All
Thanks to my wonderful dogs "Bonnie" and "Hippy Chic" I am now $85.20 poorer. They are lovely dogs and I wouldn't be without them but some days I wonder why I put myself through the stress and aggravation. Of course I knew when I got my dog, there was costs involved and of course time and love, but lately I have had a run of Houdini acts by "Bonnie" and I am annoyed at her. Why did she stay home when we had no gate, then all of a sudden when a gate is built she decided that her fat arse could jump and she goes on walk abouts.
Anyway, since we have been in S.A the dogs have been in Clare with Tony due to me not having an enclosed yard. This is why we refrained from registering them. We needed to wait until we had come to a more permanent arrangement. This arrangement presented itself when Tony was told he was off to Canberra, it kicked him into action to finally build the gate I had been asking him for. The dogs came here permanently the day Tony left and it has all been going very well.

Tony has been gone a week tomorrow and I thought when I woke up how slack I had been for not registering the dogs yet, so I got organised and went down and did it before I forgot again. I paid the fee's "Bonnie" was $20.70 because she is spayed and "Hippy Chic" $34.50 because she isn't. No problems, I got the tags went to Venessa's for a coffee then went home about 12pm to get the girls lunch and settle them for a nap. The day was normal!! Or so I thought! I got a phone call about 2.30pm from the council saying that they thought they had "Bonnie" in the pound, sure enough I looked out the back and she was gone. I told the lady I would wait until the girls woke up and be straight down. I had not even had a chance to put her new tag on her so it was lucky that one of the ladies who worked for the council had been to my house with Venessa before and recognised her.
I went to the council office because that is where they told me to pay the pound fee's. I was very lucky as they waved the "no tag fee", knowing I had been in just 4 hours before. It cost me $30.00 to "post her bail (giggle). So all up today not including the usual food my "girls" cost me $85.20. You will be happy to know they all are home and doing well, and displaying their new I.D tags proudly.

Bye for now and Happy blogging


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