Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am no Mona Lisa ........... BUT!!

Hi All
We had a great night Friday night and both the girls had a great time with their respective baby sitters and families, Thanks Tracy and Vanessa! I really appreciated the time out.
Tony and I dropped off the kids, drove to Clare and boarded an old big yellow school bus!! Gee that bought back memories. We arrived at Snowtown and enjoyed a wonderful meal, a few (too many) drinks and a great chat with lots of people. All was going well until.......... I ran into a guy that works with Tony. (I have seen a few of you lay out a conversation like this so thanks for the idea I am going to copy.)
Him: Hi
Me: Hi I am Bec, nice to meet you.
Him: Aren't you that girls from channel 10.
(I have never worked for a t.v station so)
Me: No
Him: Yeah, yeah you have to be your that chic of channel 10.
(I am sure if I worked for a t.v station I would not be in Snowtown pub)
Me: No really I do not work for channel 10.
Him: Yeah, you are your that girl from channel 10 (Elbows his friend) Shes that chick from channel 10.
Friend: Which chick from channel 10.
Him: You know that, that, that. oh whats her f*#^ing name, you know the one I mean.
Me: I seriously do not work for channel 10.
Friend: No mate can't help ya!
Him: Yeah, yeah I remember that's who "YOUR UGLY BETTY!!"
(At this point I wanted to punch him. HOW RUDE!!)
Me: Oh gee thanks!! but I AM NOT Ugly Betty.
I walk away and hear him chattering to his friend that he can not believe he met UGLY BETTY.

Here is a pic of me on an ordinary day! No make -up or going out clothes!! Put here solely to gain your opinion, or comparison. Do I look like Ugly Betty?

I do realise that she is a fictional character and "America Ferrera" who plays that character is very beautiful. I just want to know why is "Ugly Betty" ugly? I personally don't think she is but I obviously someone thought so. Is is her braces? or glasses? or bad dress sense? She is smart, maybe it's that? She cares about her family and work friends maybe that's ugly? I have no idea. I am not even sure why I took his comments as an insult. Maybe it was a compliment? I was drunk so maybe it was just the word ugly that got me cranky? I did have issues at school about how I looked, but only because the kids at school (kids are too cruel) had an issue it and I was constantly teased. Now I am an adult I have come to realise that the people who do care about it are not worth talking to anyway. None of my friends are going to race "Tyra Banks" down the catwalk any time soon, but they are my friends and I love them. They are ALL shapes and sizes and ALL have issues with their own bodies but I don't think any of them are ugly. I am certainly no "Mona Lisa" but .......... I am funny, My hubby says I'm sexy (his opinion is the only one that really counts RIGHT. Oh and I am happy with me.), I love and care about my kids, my family and my friends, I LOVE chocolate, I wear glasses, I am not a size 10 and NEVER will be (trust me my body and my brain came to terms with that A LONG time ago), I live in Jeans, and anything else I can get to fit my boobs right, I love my boots, my dogs, and country music....................................................... If any of those things make me UGLY!! I guess He was right!! I AM "Ugly Betty".

Bye for now and Happy blogging


Cheryl said...

You are far from UGLY BETTY. You look marvelous!

MissyMoo84 said...

ok ok ok I cleaned up the piss puddle i just made from pissing myself laughing. What a dick hahahaha you look beautiful hunni :)
I don't think 'ugly betty' is ugly... and i don't think you look like her either... maybe he had too much do drink too haha