Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm going out tonight

Hi All
Tony and I are going out tonight by ourselves for the first time in a few months, This will also probably be the last chance we get to in a while also. Tony is off to Canberra on the 15Th for work and Mum and Dean are also going around the 10Th. So I will be deserted for 4 weeks out of 5!! Thank-god I have made friends is all I can say.

Tonight we are off to a work party, it is an end of job celebration, as they have finished at Snowtown. I have organised baby sitters for the girls and I don't have to pick them up until tomorrow morning. It is the first time they have stayed away from home over night without me. Mum and Dean have stayed out our house and looked after them while I went to my brothers 18Th and we have spend nights away from home together but this is to be their first independent, SLEEP OVER!!!

I am confident that the girls will be fine, and the chosen people to care for them have years of experience with children and will cope very well. I just can't work out why I feel so funny about it!! I am not sure what it is, I announced when I was pregnant that I was going to take up ALL offers of babysitting, I wasn't going to be one of those mums that stayed home with my kids and missed out on the fun! By the way there is nothing wrong with being one of those mums, but that's just not me. They go to occasional care and they don't miss me, they are having so much fun they don't even notice that I'm not there. I think I just need to toughen up and appreciate the fact that my kids are socialised enough to be able to spend a night with someone else, while I endeavour to get my groove on!!

Wish me luck!! I was never that good at dancing!! Frog in a blender is more my style.
Bye for now and happy blogging

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