Saturday, September 27, 2008

Powers from above

Hi All
I have been meaning to write this post for a while and as you can see today has been my catch up day. I need to be more organised with my blogging rather than bombarding you with so much information all at once.

Last Sunday night I was getting ready for bed about 10pm and was hit with a wave of worry. I felt like something was wrong, I checked the kids, all OK, I then felt sick, this was the worst worry I had experienced in ages. I called mum, in tears and told her I felt something was wrong. She said to relax and she was sure it would all be OK.

I need to explain, I am not psychic by any stretch of the imagination but I have some dreams come true, and then my "feelings" can tell me like last Sunday when something isn't quite right. Last time it happened one of dads work mates, was diagnosed of a brain tumour, two weeks later I had the same feeling and he had passed away.

Back to the original story. I went to bed uneasy, and tried to sleep. About 3 am I think I eventually dosed off. I spoke to as many people as I could contact on the Monday and everyone was OK. I tried to forget about it as best as I could but the familiar lump kept rising. For some reason I kept being drawn back to think about my ex boyfriend. I have dated him in nearly 10years, it ended badly and he is a person I would rather forget, I never think about him. By Wednesday I had enough and rang his mother. I have not got her number written anywhere and I do not phone her. I remembered the number out of the blue as soon as I decided that I would call. When she answered she started to cry and said out of all the days, what made you call today. I told her about the feeling and she told me about "Cabbage" (A friend we had back when we dated, when we split he got to keep him. I only saw him occasionally if I happened to run into him.) He died on Sunday and they buried him on Wednesday. OMG!!!! Spooky!!! She also told me that at the funeral "Bill" my ex's step dad asked if anyone had thought to call me, then I called her!! I had a good but sad catch up with her, sent my condolences and ended the call.

When I called mum and told her about it, she said I was unbelievable and if I ever had a "feeling" about her, could I call so she could park at the hospital.

Trust your instincts!!
Bye for now and Happy blogging.

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