Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hi All
It seems that this past month I have done more kilometers than you average truck driver. OK, OK that was a major exaggeration but I have been to Adelaide 3 times in for weeks. The girls and I went down for the Dora concert, which also happened to time in with Tony flying in from Canberra, so we stayed for two nights so we get some much needed summer wardrobe updating done.
I then went in again a fortnight later to pick up Tony's mum from the airport, she stayed with us for 8 days and the girls enjoyed having nanny Betty visit.
I then returned to put her back on the plane. As she had a 10 am flight we went in the day prior so we were sure not to miss her plane, I knew my kids can be unpredictable and didn't want to risk travelling from Jamestown. I pre booked the accommodation for 2 nights, as my mum was due to fly in the day Betty flew out, so the girls and I were going to spend one night with mum. As it turns out her reason for travel was cancelled and her visit fell through. I had booked accommodation at "Adelaide Shores Caravan Park", so we could be close to the airport, and when mums visit fell through I thought rather than cancel the room I would arrange to catch up with some friends instead. The facilities were wonderful and the girls had a blast in the pool.
The pool we went swimming in was .5m deep and that allowed the girls to walk freely without being held, they both fell over a few times and couldn't find there feet, but myself or friends were right behind them to pick them up.

Mickalee with my cousins Lisa and Jessie

We also had a major break though in the toilet training the day we went swimming, I thought there was no way Mickalee would tell me when she needed to go, so I just asked her regularly and hoped for the best. After being in the pool about 20 minutes she came up to me and said mummy I need to do a wee. By the time I organised someone to supervise Brandy and got out of the pool, she had gone off again with Bradley. So while Zack watched Brandy I sat with Carol thinking Mickalee had either forgotten what she needed to do, or had done it in the pool. Then to my surprise she came up to me again and repeated her need to go to the loo. So I took her. I honestly thought to myself that this would be one of those times you took her and she didn't do anything, but to my surprise she did. My two and half year old got out of a pool to wee. OMG!! I was so excited for her.
Anyway, back on the road again next week, need to go back in on Wed to get Tony off the plane, then he is home for a week, so back in again to put him back on it.
Bye for now and happy blogging

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This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

That is really wonderful that your 2 year old stopped playing in the pool to tell you she had to pee. I don't think my son would have!

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