Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas cards, letters and the PHOTO!

Hi All,
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have spent the last 6 years in the middle of nowhere at Christmas time.
In the middle of nowhere the mail plane would come to take out going and deliver in coming mail every Wednesday unless rain had wet the the dirt strip and they were unable to land. Usually if I needed stamps or had a letter to post without a stamp I would either include the 50c with the letter in the mail bag, or I would send in money prior to needing the stamp and they would send out stamps the following week. When it came to Christmas cards however I was VERY UN-organised. I thought it rude to send in 50 cards unstamped with the money attached and getting someone else to lick and stick for me. I also just never got around to sending in the money for the stamps to be sent back to me. SLACK I know. This "slackness" of mine resulted in literally hundreds of Christmas cards being written over time and NEVER posted. One year i found a pile of cards squashed in the glove box of the Toyota about September the following year.
Now I am living in town and the post office is literally walking distance from my house I am organised. I wrote out all the cards making sure not to seal them because I wanted to include a universal update letter of the all happenings in our little family, as well as a nice photo of the girls. I spread the picture taking out over two days and the end result wasn't perfect or what I wanted but it was OK.
As you can see, on the first day I dressed them both up and tried to use a table cloth to make a decorative back drop. On the second day I just washed their faces. I really couldn't be bothered.
Don't get get me wrong I did NOT expect perfect model type photo's, all I wanted was the both of them looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME, and smiling. Mickalee kept saying smile every time i said it, so me trying to get them to smile resulted in me making all types of weird noises, shouting and waving my free arm like a mad woman. The neighbours must think I am crazy. Eventually I got one picture.
I ordered copies on-line last night, and I printed off the universal letter yesterday so as soon as the prints arrive look out post office here I come.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging.


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missymoo84 said...

haha how cute! Beautiful girls you have Bec. They look so similar too!