Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dora Concert

Hi All
I know we went to the Dora concert nearly a month ago now, but I have been meaning to blog about it ever since and just have not got around to it.

Firstly I will say I am SO glad I organised a baby sitter for Brandy there is no way she would have sat through it as I had expected. As it was I had difficulty getting Mickalee to keep still. She saw all the kids and just wanted to play with them and run around. To solve this I folded her chair up so she could jump and dance in the little space in front. I was amazed at how many people struggled to get little ones to sit and watch, some babies surrounding us were under one. They were with their mums and in most cases were not accompanying an older sibling as one would have assumed. I will say though that I never heard a peep out of any of them. At a kids concert you expect a certain amount of ruckus, crying and screaming, I never heard any. Except of course when it was over and it was time to leave, lots of tots wanted more of DORA.

The performance I will say was GREAT however it was not what I expected, I assumed it would be like the pirate play DVD, which my girls have watched a million times, they know all the songs and love it but it wasn't the same. Mickalee loved it just as much though. The costumes were excellent, but I have just one question "where was Benny the bull?".

There is a little red glow above Mickalee's left shoulder, that was the stage, my camera did not like taking pictures of something so far away in the dark.

Bye for now and Happy blogging


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