Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss you Mate!!

Hi All
When a part of your family has to go and meet it's maker, no matter how big or small their role in your family was it is a sad loss. On Wed the 19/11/08 I had to make to gut wrenching decision to put my best mate of 6 years to sleep. Bonnie was a kind, gentle natured dog, however her instincts to hunt were always in the back of her mind. On Wednesday morning she jumped the fence and mauled a goat in the vacant lot next door. I apologised to the neighbour and immediately offered to pay all vet bills incurred from the attack. I coped a $210.00 fine from the local council, and made the terrible decision to put her down. People who knew and loved Bonnie could not imagine her doing such a thing, but a dog like her has instincts that she obviously could not control. Even though this was the hardest thing yet I have had to do, I decided it was for the best just in case one of the girls was her next target. Don't miss understand me, she NEVER showed aggression towards the girls and if she had of I would have made this choice a long time ago. I just couldn't trust her after this.

I will remember teaching you how to shake hands with small pieces of kit-Kat (before I realised chocolate was bad for dogs.) I will remember waking up in the swag with you when I was sure I had gone to sleep with Tony, you always had a way of squeezing in there somewhere. I will remember the day you dodged 6 bullets fired at you from Tony's gun after stealing a whole rump out of the camp kitchen. I will remember how you played. I will remember how you barked like you had something to say. I will remember how you barked to let me know there was a snake under the house.



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