Monday, October 27, 2008

My baby is talking

Hi All

My Weenie One is not so Weenie anymore

Brandy is now 18 nealry 19 months old and is finally getting some more words out. I am sure Mickalee was talking in sentences by this age, but she was always a chatter box. Brandy has been saying mum and dad for quite a while, but it seems in the last few weeks she has come along in leaps and bounds. So I thought I would share a video with you all of her new found words. Enjoy!

This video is probably more for those who know us and have not seen the kids in a while. Brandy now weighs more than Mickalee but is not quiet as tall as her yet. They share clothes and Mickalee hates it. I am sure this drama will only get worse as they get older. LOL!!! I shall look forward to it. NOT!!

Bye for now and happy blogging


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missymoo84 said...

oh my FREAKING God she is so cute!! Haha I love it when they start talking! Chase was talking in sentences at that age too but Jaidan wasn't ;) Depends on the baby. I LOVE HER CURLS!