Monday, October 27, 2008

Ram and Ewe Ball

Hi All
On Saturday night a majority of our small town got "frocked" up for the "Ram & Ewe" desperate and dateless ball. Yes I know I am married but I just couldn't pass up a night out complete with a chance to wear a pretty dress. I got to wear a red arm band to show others I was spoken for. The tickets prior to the night were $40.00, then on the night at the door they were $50.00. I am still not 100% sure what I expected on the night, but I do know the function we attended wasn't it.

To begin with the single people were all given green arm bands with a number on them and if you found your matching number you both went to the bar and received a free drink. OK sounds easy, right!! It wasn't!! The arm bands were covered by shirt sleeves, facing the wrong way or completely missing. When they were visible you had to be about 2 Inches from the band to read the number in the dark. Ridiculous!! The food for the evening was "Generic" brand chips in plastic containers randomly placed around the venue. Or you could get a satay stick or steak sandwich from the food tent out the back. A steak sandwich is just what you feel like eating when you dressed up in a ball gown. Someone obviously thought this through also. I hate to whinge but it really has put me off even thinking about attending next year, also people who I see between now and then who ask will no doubt get my honest opinion. There was no best dressed awards, or lucky door prizes, and the only attempt to raise money was a very small people auction consisting of 4 entrants. If there was a little more planning I am sure local businesses would have happily donated items to be auctioned for the chosen charity, (which I won't name) but I only heard it mentioned once. Drinks were purchased with a ticket system, which I found had good and bad points. The bar people didn't have to handle money, so that meant quick easy service, however I came home with 5 tickets, as I found I couldn't exchange them before I left.

I have to share a story with you regarding an incident on the night, this could not have been avoided by anybody, except the man with the vulgar mouth, but I thought I would share it all the same. My feet were getting tired and very sore from heels, as I don't often wear them and my friend and I went to find a seat. When we went outside we saw a bench occupied by 2 men. I approached them and asked if they would mind scooting over so we could also sit down. To which I got "That depends do you swallow?" needless to say we didn't sit there. Also point out that this guy went home ALONE!!Any guesses why.?

Me with Mickalee before I had gone out.

I wore my wedding dress, I knew having a different colour to white would allow me to wear again.
MissA having a ball

I would like to finish on a high note, all the volunteers behind the bar, in the food tent, on the door and tickets sales were all very nice and did great jobs. The band also was very good and everyone had a good time dancing and singing along. My highlight of the night however was crawling or was it falling into bed at 3am.

Bye for now and happy blogging

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