Monday, October 27, 2008

Toilet training update and ABC'S

Hi All
Mickalee has had a few dry days in row now and all seems to be going very, very well. She is still wearing a nappy at nap time, and wakes up dry most days, and of course is still wearing one at night. She has yet to use the loo for number two, but I am sure that will happen when she is ready, I am not too worried about it. She is going on her own without my help and isn't even using the potty seat anymore just the normal seat. Her climbing up onto it is a funny site, and she has almost fallen in once. I have also decided to buy some one ply toilet paper for her as we are going through SO much paper at the moment. I will of course keep the good stuff hidden away for me. Very cheeky I know but she does not understnad the meaning of a little bit, yet!.

I have added a video of Mickalee saying her ABC'S for you to enjoy. When you ask her to say her alphabet she says "alphdabet" but when you ask her to say her ABC'S you get this!!

So cute!!

Don't ask why she was laying on the floor because I still can not work it out.

Bye for now and Happy blogging.

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