Monday, October 20, 2008

Karma is my friend

Hi All
I am going to tell you a story that has made me smile, for obvious reasons I will not use real names but all I will say is "It couldn't have happened to a nicer person and Karma is my friend."

I regularly keep in touch with friends from up north and like nothing more than my sometimes more than weekly updates on the little towns gossip. It is like my version of "days of our lives". I will start from the beginning and hope for you sake this all makes sense.

There is a man in town who thinks he owns the place, he has a business in town and when I first moved to "the middle of nowhere" I worked for Mrwannabethebossofeveryone and his wife. I had a very bad experience and Mrwannabethebossofeveryone tried to put the moves on me after only a month of employment. After putting up with 3 more months of being treated very badly I got the sack because the oldest daughter told them I was hitting her and her sister in the class room. I had a major personality clash with this child and she lied to her mother because she didn't like me, however now that I am a mum I understand where the wife was coming from. If I thought someone was hurting my children I would show them the door also. To tell you the truth I was glad I got fired, even though the reasons were wrong. That is how I came to work at the local hotel, where they were regulars . I put up with Mrwannabethebossofeveryones torment for the next 5 and a half years, he tried to break tony and I up when we got together among lots of other terrible things. I ignored this behaviour and never let him see me cry, he was being childish and I often used to say to friends when will he get his Karma?.

Since moving we have been kept up to date on his nastiness and about 2 months ago we heard he got in a fight at the pub with one of Tony's mates Frank. Frank was sitting quietly in the pub having a beer and "Mrwannabethebossofeveryone" walked in with "noodle". "Noodle" proceeded under Mrwannabethebossofeveryones orders to call Frank a "useless black c*#t" and knocked his hat off his head. Frank was surprisingly calm about it and asked politely for it back. Noodle said "come and get it." So Frank followed noodle and when his hat still was not returned after several nice attempts to get it back Frank knocked noodle out. This however was not the end of it Mrwannabethebossofeveryone told Frank "I am going to get Thehorsewhisperer to sort you out for knocking out noodle". To which Frank replied "I don't think so I am related to Thehorsewhisperer and he would back a brother before you any day".

That was part one we have heard nothing else about this until today. Chillilady rang me to fill me in she knew it would make me happy. I in turn rang publady and she filled in the banks.

Mrwannabethebossofeveryone was at the pub enjoying a beer when youngone started to pick a fight with him over another incident which had occurred sometime prior. Publady broke it up and calmed youngone down. While she was calming down youngone she heard breaking glasses and and all mighty thud only to turn in time to see Mrwannabethebossofeveryone old cold on the concrete. She looked up to see who had been his demise only to see Frank with Thehorsewhisperer standing behind him as back up.

OK OK, I will say at this point I hate fighting, however in this case it was about time someone stood up to the bully.
I told publady to buy Frank a carton and give it to him with lots of hugs and kisses from Bec and Tony.
We love you Frank!!

Bye for now and happy blogging

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missymoo84 said...

haha that is great! Doesn't it make you feel all warm and tingly inside when someone who DESERVES payback finally gets it. I bet you wish you were there to actually SEE it! :)