Monday, October 20, 2008

Break through on the loo!!

Hi All
I am not sure if I mentioned in a previous post or not but we have started toilet training here. It has taken a lot more than I thought it would, I had a feeling Mickalee would be very easy due to her being so vocal. Mickalee will be 3 in march and since the weather has warmed up here we started. I also started baby sitting for another 3 year old (for the sake of my blog I will call her "smiley" as I have not asked her mum's permission). "Smiley" is toilet trained but needs to be reminded and sometimes still has accidents, so I thought the girls would encourage each other.

To start with I just stopped putting Mickalee in nappy's and let her wear "knick knicks" her words not mine. I would then ask her if she needed to go. She would sit on the loo and nothing. We had several accidents which I expected and when this happened I just said things like "oh well" and "maybe next time". Reminded her to tell me if she needed to go, and also that wet "knick knicks" didn't feel nice. I think we have been trying for about 3 weeks, and I will admit the last week I have been very slack because I felt like I was getting no where and didn't want to push her.

Today we went to the park and due to all the fun the kids would have I put a pull up on Mickalee. When "Smiley" and Lily went to go to the loo Mickalee said she did too. I put her on and she did nothing. I kept praising and said "maybe next time". This afternoon after her nap "Smiley" needed to go to the loo and so did Mickalee. I thought this would be the same as the other attempts and was not paying attention, until I asked her if she had done a wee and she said "yes" (she has always said "I got no wee's mummy" or "no" before), I started cheering and clapping and high fiving and then told her she got to put a special sticker on her rewards chart. Which has been on the fridge for about 2 weeks with no stickers, she chose Dora of course. She went once more before her PJ's and got the same reaction from me she was very very excited. She even rang daddy and nanny to tell them of her accomplishment. Fingers crossed this was her "ping" moment and the run continues, we are yet to do a number 2 so maybe that will be a different challage all together.

This photo is one of my favourites, It was taken about 12 months ago (remember the date on my camera is wrong.) Mickalee used to always pee before she had a shower so I used to make her wait on the loo while I got it ready. She never went while sitting there though as luck would have it. This particular night she decided she wanted to read just like daddy. I have been meaning to send it to outback magazine for ages.

This is one I took about a week ago, when I purchased this beautiful training seat from the local "op shop" for a grand expense of $2.00. She loves it.

I am sure Mickalee will appreciate these photo's when her 21st comes around. **rofl**

I will keep you updated on how it all goes fingers crossed.

Bye for now and happy blogging.


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