Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still in S.A

Hi All
We spent 2 days in Roxby after returning from Port Augusta, we then loaded up the kids and headed to Adelaide. There was still many of my family Tony had not met and we planned to stay in Adelaide for a week so he could meet some of them. The ones that were able to, travelled from Bordertown to Adelaide to see us and our new little family. None of them had met Mickalee either, and of course the new addition bought with it a lot of excitement. I loved the attention, common who wouldn't. : ). We stayed at my brother Daniels, and his partner Danyell's place and it was great to spend some time with my then 6 month old nephew Riley.
We had a family catch up at Aunty Cathy's house and it was good to see everyone, Nan O, Auntie Suzie and her kids Kyra, Lexie and Blake were there Uncle Al couldn't make it as he was up north working. Uncle Mark, Auntie Sue, Nathan, BJ, Matt, Jason and a friend Chris also were able to come. We also travelled to Murray Bridge to catch up with Nan & Tom, Cal took some photo's of Nan, myself and Mickalee and we planned to photo shop mum in at a later date. We thought it was nice to have a photo of the four generations. Mum was Nanna's eldest I was mum's eldest and Mickalee was my eldest and all girls. Nanna and Tom had only just recently moved to Murray Bridge and didn't have their furniture set up in the spare room yet, so we stayed the night in a motel and it was THE WORST NIGHT EVER. To begin with I had forgotten to pack Mickalee's port-cot. How you forget something so important I will never know, but I managed it. So we set up a makeshift bed for her on the floor. It was cold but the little fan heater did a good job once it had got going, and no-one was getting any sleep. Brandy was restless, which I now know was hunger and she was keeping Mickalee awake, so that meant all of us were awake. I decided it was a good idea to take Brandy into the car I could feed her and settle her while Tony sorted Mickalee out. I think I was in the car for about 4 hours and we did sleep. I just woke with a sore neck. I had a huge coat covering us and Brandy was swaddled and had her fave blankie with her. Which is still a necessity when she sleeps. Looking back on the whole stay I think if Brandy was not so hungry all the time and so restless and I was bottle feeding I would have enjoyed the trip a lot more. The next day caught up with Pam & Charlie who had driven from Kingston, we had a picnic on the river and Mickalee had a great time on the playground.

Tony and my brother Daniel went crabbing at St Kilda, which Tony really enjoyed. I reversed Daniels car into the street sign out front of his house. We had a whole week basically filled with huge days catching up with everyone and sleepless nights with our new little bundle of joy. I am yet to work out where this phase came from because my babies were anything but a bundle of a joy for the first few weeks: ). Lisa and Matt joined us for a BBQ on night, and so did Auntie Cathy, Auntie Suzie, Tegan, Steven, Natasha, Kyra, Lexie and Blake another night. Auntie Gab, Uncle Steve, Lisa and Jessie also came to Daniels for a visit. We had a great week but we were very tired at the end of it.

Our last day in Adelaide was a Saturday, and my baby bonus had gone in so I dropped the girls off at Auntie Cathys and Kyra and I went to Tea Tree Plaza and bought some things I needed. My first purchase was a double pram, I was going to get a toddler seat to attach to my original pram however Mickalee was only one and often still napped in the pram so I needed one that had 2 reclining seats. I bought a baby club one and it cost me $170, I was wrapped. Tony had gone crabbing again with Daniel while I shopped and I told him what I planned to do and he said fine, go for it while there is a store close by, then he asked how much a double pram would be and I said joking no more than a thousand. So he was very pleased when I only spent $170. Men are so easy to fool. I told him a thousand in-case I saw one I really liked around the $350 mark. He would have still been happy : ). I also decided to buy a swing chair for Brandy, I looked at all the ones they had and they were all basically the same, except for price and I figured if it wasn't safe they couldn't sell it right. So I chose one that was on special for $99. It had previously been $189. How they can mark things up so much I will never know. Anyway I asked the sales lady if I could have one and she said that the one on display was the only one left. I said I would take it, but due to it being floor stock could she discount it anymore and she said yeah OK I will take another 10% off it. So I got a great $189 swing for Brandy for $89.00. What a bargain.

I went back to pick up the girls, and Tony and Daniel were already there with their catch of Crabs, I think they got about 40, that is the bag limit for 2 people. We said our good byes and loaded up the kids, headed back to Daniels house to get Riley and Danyell then headed off to Port Pirie. We had organised for Mum, Dean & Josh to meet us there and we had planned a family day for the Sunday. We stayed in a nice large cabin and basically spent the night eating pizza and chatting. The next day we took the kids to the park then ended up at some kind of music festival. We had a great day, and now we are back in S.A are planning to do something similar again soon.
Uncle Josh with Riley and Mickalee, My self and Danyell waiting to catch!!Uncle Josh and Riley pretending to be "Spider man"

Uncle Dan & Mickalee on the swingBrandy sleeping through ALL the excitement. So cute when they are asleep!!!Riley trying on Poppy's hat!! He wasn't to sure about it!Nanny and Riley

After our family day, Daniel, Danyell and Riley headed back to Adelaide and Mum, Dean, Josh, Tony, Me and the girls headed back to Roxby. I will say I am a cryer, I will cry at the opening of a door if it is needed. I said good bye to Daniel, Danyell and Riley and was very proud of myself because I didn't get all teary, I was not sure when we would be back and always howled when I left my family. I was all excited about not crying as we were heading out of Port Pirie and then Daniel got on the two way radio and said "love ya chook bye," Then the water works started.

We spent one last week in Roxby with Mum and Dean before we headed back to Gregory. It was a very quick week, we were ready to go home but at the same time I hated leaving. The Sunday before we left Josh went to trade school in Port Augusta, so I waved good bye once again with water works, Then the day it came to say good bye to Mum and Dean they started again. I was never and still are not good at goodbyes. Our trip home to Gregory was very eventful but that is another story!

Until next time bye for now and Happy blogging


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MissyMoo84 said...

awwww the kids all look so cute!! Glad you had a nice time. My mum comes back in 2 weeks! I haven't seen her in a year and a half and I can GUARANTEE there will be waterworks hehe
btw what good looking brothers you have ;) haha