Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Hi All,
Our wedding was a long time coming. Tony and I got engaged on July 5Th 04' and didn't get married until Sept 8Th 07'. We had our two kids in between and neither of us was really in a rush as we didn't and still don't get how a piece of paper changes everything. Nothing has changed since we got married I still were my engagement ring (As my wedding ring needed re-sizing and is packed away in a box somewhere.) Our kids are still our kids and our relationship is the same. The one and only thing that really prompted me to go and jump was the fact that my surname was different to my girls. I would call centre link or go to the doctors and felt like I was forever explaining that even though my surname was different I was still their mum.
As we had sold the car we had the funds to do it and originally we were just going to go to the registry office in the court house followed by a nice dinner somewhere. Tony's sister heard of our plans and in turn offered for us to have it at her place in Ravenshoe. She has a lovely garden and we jumped at the offer. This offer immediately made it a bigger more expensive ceremony than we had originally planned but as we had sold the Ute we had a bit of extra cash. I looked on e-bay and got a beautiful dress, It cost me $80.00, then I bought both our rings from e-bay, Tony's was a stainless steal one it cost $0.99 Everything else we bought while we were in Atherton the day before. Carla and Matt were our Matron of honour and Best Man respectively and Carla also got her dress off e-bay. Matt and Tony were going to be wearing blue jeans, white shirt and their cowboy hats. I decided Tony not wearing his hat in our wedding would be like Superman with out his red undies.

We had about 30 people there on the day and only a few people in Gregory knew we were going away to get married. We kept it a secret because we didn't want a HUGE affair, and we also didn't want to have to explain to the people who were not invited as to why they weren't. Logistically it was difficult given the time frame for my family from S.A to come and also it would have boosted the numbers by about 50 so I neglected to tell anyone about it. I wanted Mum to be there for my big day so her and Dean and my brothers were the only ones who knew. My cousin was due to be married in Oct so I also didn't want to take the spotlight off her considering her wedding had been 12 months in the planning. Everyone found out about Oct the day after Christine and Daniels wedding. I had also decided to ask Dean to give me away as he had been apart of life more in the years leading up to our wedding than Dad had been. He had looked after Mickalee and took time off work while I had Brandy he let us all stay in their house in Roxby for 8 weeks and didn't whinge and he had driven the 2000k to Gregory to bring mum and the boys up for my 21st. The day I gave birth to Brandy Dad drove 3 hours to Bordertown for a school reunion when he just as easily could have driven the 3 hours north to Port Augusta to meet his new baby grand daughter.

The secret in Gregory latest about a fortnight, and we had another fortnight to wait until we got married. This was holy and solely Tony's fault. I can understand why he did it though, he wanted that cake. We had travelled 120K's to Burketown for the annual art and craft show and one of the sections was cakes. That year there was one beautiful wedding cake entered. After all the exhibition is over if people wish they can donate their entries people buy them then the money is donated to the R.F.D.S. I was already at the car loading the girls in while Tony watched the auction. The next thing I know there is cheering and clapping and Tony is running down the stairs saying Quick Bec I need a $50. As soon as he said that I knew what he had done and I asked him "You didn't", he said yes "I did". I missed it all but he tells me he was bidding on the wedding cake and it was going up and up then he yelled at the top of voice, "Let me have the damn cake I'm getting married in a fortnight." So that explains the clapping. I was SO annoyed but happy at the same time. The phone at home rang hot for two days with people congratulating us as well, as asking why they couldn't come. Bloody men!!! For those of you who don't know you can not put this sort of cake in a fridge if you want it to survive, so I nursed it home along the bumpy dirt road, in it's big box then we stored in on top of the freezer in the air-con for the 2 weeks before we left then it sat between the two car seats for the 1000K trip to Ravenshoe. It was a very well travelled cake and survived. Or well so we thought. It looked good and it served it's purpose for the photo's but no-one could eat it. : )
Our ceremony was very simple and worked out very well and I actually promised to love honour and E-Bay in my vowels. Then when it came time to kiss the bride our glasses met before we did, which made everyone laugh. The girls behaved like angels and for memory Brandy slept most of the day. The only thing I regret is not getting a family photo of the 4 of us as she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her. Except for that we had a good day, and if I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing.

Bye for now and Happy Blogging

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MissyMoo84 said...

Small and intimate weddings are great. That is how I want to get married. Looks like a perfect day. Couldn't help but laugh about the well travelled cake hahaha what a laugh!