Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life Back at Gregory #2

Hi All
Brandy settled into our family very well and we all adjusted very quickly to having a new baby. Mickalee didn't at all seem to mind that my attention was not 100% on her anymore which was one thing I was worried about. The swing we bought was very helpful as Mickalee would want to cuddle and jump on Brandy if she was on the floor and of course I couldn't hold her all the time. At this stage Mickalee was still having two day time sleeps one at 10am and one at 2pm so Brandys floor time was when she was napping in the mornings. Or I would put Brandy in the play pen and leave Mickalee out of it, this worked until Mickalee discovered that it slid across the floor. Neither of my girls liked being on their stomachs when they were tiny (as I was instructed to do by the child health nurses to help them develop strong neck muscles,) so I used to put them on their backs so I didn't upset them. They both learned to roll from back to front very quickly and once they rolled on to their tummies by them selves they were OK with it. By the time Mickalee was in the routine of having only one sleep a day at about 12.30pm I had also synchronised Brandy's afternoon sleep so that I could get things done around the house. They still have an afternoon nap at this same time now and I have me time.

I was so determined that having a baby, (well now two) was not going to keep me from going places. I was not going to miss out on having a social life because I was a mum. The only difference was went somewhere there is a lot more things I need to take. The girls went to BB Q's the local horse races, gymkhana's, and to visit friends. There where times that I did miss out however it was due to the weather being so hot and it wouldn't have been fair on the kids to suffer in heat like that. I didn't care though when this was the case, who hates watching movies in the air-conditioning!! Not me!!

May weekend at Gregory is a HUGE event there is the local races at the show ground on the Saturday, the canoe race on the Gregory River Sunday , and then the bull ride on the Sunday night. We had made it back to Gregory just in time for the races etc and friends came up to part take in the festivities. On the Saturday at the races, Tony had a few too many XXXX Golds so he was not reliable at all to look after Mickalee and Brandy was only tiny, so both girls sat in the pram all day!! They did so well. They watched everything going on and even napped at one point!! I was amazed. As there were so many intoxicated people around I didn't think it was safe for Mickalee to be running around and I also couldn't chase her as this meant leaving Brandy in the pram unattended. My worst fears were confirmed when a fight broke out at this mini tornado of men headed straight for me and the girls in the pram. Amanda and her little boy Darcy were sitting with us and Amanda and I were both dragging the prams backwards as we kicked chairs out of the way so the group didn't squash the kids. HOW RUDE!! They didn't even know why they were fighting! Anyway that was enough for me and I took the girls home. I left Tony to his own devises and for memory I think he walked the 2K's home, serves him right! On the Sunday night we headed out again to the rodeo and the only place we could find was near the speakers, this was very very loud and I was worried this would stop the girls from sleeping. To my surprise it didn't and Mickalee didn't even see the first ride!! Once the rodeo was over Matt & Heidi and Louisa offered to take the girls home for us so we could stay and listen to the band. We great fully accepted this and got home to a house of sleeping babies about 2 hours later. I promised myself while pregnant to accept help when it was offered, and to this day of someone offers to watch my kids I never turn it down. Even if it is only for 10 minutes while I pop to the bank. If people didn't want to help they wouldn't offer.
One weekend we had decided to pack up the girls and head to Quamby about 3hrs from us for the Rodeo. I had packed the swag for me and Tony and a little mattress to set up in the back of the wagon for Mickalee, Brandy was only 3 months old so at night she just slept in her car seat. Brandy slept most of the day in the pram while we watched the riders and we made sure we followed the shade, even though there is a shade on the pram, we were making sure they wouldn't get burnt. Quamby rodeo is usually in July so it was warm but not hot and humid like in the summer. We all had a great time, the only hard thing was sterilising the bottles in a HUGE boiler over the fire. Mickalee had a great time on the bouncing castle and chair'o'plane, and we were planning to go again this year due to it being such a great family event but we moved before it came around again. One day we will be back there in time for it. There were also your usual, birthday parties, Christenings, baby showers etc that we attended and we also had are own fair share of BB Q's hosted by yours truly! Life back at Gregory was great!!

Tony and I had 3 cars. We had the Land cruiser wagon, which I drove most of the time, It was about a 1992 I think, and it had almost 500,000 K's on it. This is not her finest moment either but I love this picture and what a day to remember!! She never did quite make the half million before we got rid of her but it wasn't far off. Tony also had is 1997 Land cruiser Ute, that used to be the work car when he was fencing, and then there was his pride and joy another Land cruiser Ute but it was about a 1975 model. He stripped it and painted and and to this day it is still a U.F.O, but all the same he loves it. We call her H.S.V Speedy! Her top speed is about 80k, but I am sure with a few modifications Tony can change that. Anyway I am drifting off track, As it turned out after Tony stopped fencing the 97' Ute rarely went anywhere. If we went anywhere together we took the wagon. Number 1 it wasn't safe for the girls to be in the Ute and of course there car seats didn't fit, and Number 2 The wagon was better on fuel. Then if Tony went anywhere alone he took the older Ute, because he preferred it. So we decided to sell the other one. We got $9000 for it and this helped pay out some debt and we also decided to use some of it to go away and get married.

I will tell you all about my wonderful wedding Day next time.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.

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MissyMoo84 said...

Gee I was sitting here with my mouth open reading about those guys fighting! HOW RUDE!! Glad you were fast cos who knows what would have happened!!
Sounds like you really enjoyed living in the bush! Actually sounds like a blast :)