Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birth #2

Hi All
Tony, Mickalee and I left Roxby, and headed the two hours south to Port Augusta to stay in the van park and wait for the birth, Tony was ecstatic because the beach was 2 minutes walk and it turned out Mickalee and I couldn't go to the beach with him because as soon as Mickalee saw the water, the first time we walked there, She wanted to go for a swim and it was just too cold.
My due date was the 10Th of April 07' this we worked out to be the Tuesday after Easter. I had one week to go and I was OVER IT!! We were cramped up in a tiny room in the van park, and it was cold. It could have been worse though. It could have been raining. Luckily for us our little room one to one side of the park and it was not a high traffic area so Mickalee could play outside. We would follow her and not let her go far, she was very preoccupied with all the stones that were in the garden. We had some lovely neighbours in the park Mr and Mrs Brooks, they were from Mildura and were travelling around Australia. Tony would often have a beer and a chat with them in the afternoon. One up side of being in such a small room was the fact I literally only had to take three steps and I was standing next to the loo, so by the third night I don't think I even had to open my eyes. I am sure when you are nearly due and constantly waking up to go to the loo it is your bodies way of training you. It is a gentle reminder... Hello I am your baby and I am keeping you awake. : ).
I remember wanting to walk a lot, I am not sure though if it was because I knew walking helped with Mickalee or if it was because I knew we had only booked and paid for a week and I was to stingy to pay for more accommodation. On the Thursday before Easter Tony myself and Mickalee in her stroller went for a HUGE walk, we walked from the van park about 2km's to the foot bridge that crossed the inlet, crossed the bridge, watched some boats for a while then turned around and walked back. On the way home, as usual when you are that pregnant I needed a pee and I needed it now. Unfortunately for me there were none in the vicinity and Tony covered me while I not so graciously hid behind a tree. I will say that up north this is normal behaviour when your so often so far from nowhere. I also understand that this is why toilets are used but for those of you who have had babies you will understand when you gotta go you gotta go!! we were about 1k either way from a loo and as far as I was concerned wetting my pants was not an option I had come this far. I will also point out that an old law still stands today that if you are pregnant you are legally able to pee in the gutter anywhere. So if I really felt the need I could go in the middle of Rundle Mall if I wanted to. I will also say we were on semi secluded walking track near the beach and no-one was coming. We got back to the van park and I was exhausted, Mickalee wanted to run around though as she had been in her pram the whole time. Tony stayed outside with her while I relaxed and watched some t.v.
Mickalee settled well that night she was beginning to get used to the little room we were in and got used to being able to see the t.v as she slept. Tony and I went to bed early for memory a little annoyed that nothing had happened yet. It was about 2 am on Good Friday that I started to get contractions, They were only dull, but once again in my back, so I went back to sleep. I figured my water would break as it had with Mickalee and then I would go to the hospital once i couldn't deal with the contractions at the van park any more. I rang Mum and Dean about 6 am and told them it was time, I told mum not to rush as they were not to severe I would call her when my water broke. They were travelling from Roxby so Dean could look after Mickalee while Mum was with me and Tony at the hospital. My contraction were still very dull at 8 am when Mum and Dean arrived. "I was not expecting them and said to mum I told you not to rush, her reply was that is why we left when we did, so we were not breaking the speed limit to get here when you finally did feel it was time. All four us hung around the van park all day, Mum, Dean and Tony took turns in chasing Mickalee while I walked laps of the car.
Finally at 2.30 Good Friday afternoon I decided that my contractions were strong enough and regular enough to go to the hospital. I had a contraction in the car on the way there, a contraction in the car park and another in the hallway into the maternity ward. They showed me to my room and hooked me up to the heart monitor machine thingy, and proceeded to tell me that I was in early stages labour nothing was going to happen for ages and to go home. I said no thank-you I want to stay here I have been in labour for 12 hours and as soon as my water breaks this baby is going to ride the wave and you won't know what hit you. About 3 o'clock I went to the loo and had two contractions in the bathroom, walked back to the bed and had another. I was squeezing Tony's hand and felt like I had to push. I remember saying to Mum and Tony this is way worse than it was with Mickalee. Mum laughed at me and said it is no different we were there remember. My midwife was a tiny Japanese lady who was very nice and in general conversation she told us she had delivered over 500 babies. I remember thinking to myself in my labour state. "Thank beep I didn't give birth to all those." Knowing it is impossible for one person to have that many babies I have no idea why I though that. Anyway she checked everything and said I will be back soon. Tony asked if I was OK and if I needed anything as he was going to get a drink. For memory i had two really big contractions while he was gone and had to hold my breath to stop myself from pushing. The midwife rushed back through the door and asked me if I felt like I had to push and I said yes, so she closed the curtains and checked to see if I was dilated. "She goes oh quick you are eight and a half centimeters we must get you to the birthing suite." Poor Tony got a bit of a fright as he was walking back up the hallway she was waving him to hurry. He told me after he thought it was all happening there and then.
I don't remember much after going into the birthing suite I am sure your brain blocks it out on purpose so that you have more. I do remember fighting with mum over the gas. I wanted it and she had to take it off of me for the contractions so I would concentrate. I would take a puff and want to go to sleep. I was on the bed this time which was a bit more graceful than the first time and the midwife put on her gloves to reach down and see how much further along I was. It was at this time my water broke. It gave her a fright, she screamed and Tony joked oh no did it bite you. I laughed at him then I started to cry because it honestly sounded like it had hit the wall, roof and floor, I made a mess I made a mess I kept saying. Anyway it turned out my earlier prediction had been right the baby rode the wave, and Brandy Ellouise came into the world at 5.28pm Good Friday the 6Th of April 07'.
I can not fault the Port Augusta hospital or it's staff I loved every minute of my stay, they even gave us a family room the first night so that Tony could stay with me and the Brandy It was lovely. Tony was that happy with the dinner we got he took a photo of it, It was a HUGE meal of apricot chicken. Mum went back to van park and got Mickalee and Dean and bought them up the hospital to see the new baby and I think Mickalee pulled her hair. They headed off not long after that to head back to Roxby, and Mum and Dean were pleased to spend some time with Mickalee. I spent all of Easter weekend in hospital and Tony bought me some Easter eggs. We were aloud to go home on Easter Monday and headed back to Roxby.
The second time around was so much better, I am just trying to time the next one a little better as I am finding it very wearing now with a 2 and 1 year old. So I think if I go off the pill when Brandy turn two, hopefully all going well the next one will arrive around her third birthday. fingers crossed. Look out Port Augusta Hospital. Now we are living in S.A I would really like to go back there.
Bye for now and Happy Blogging.