Monday, July 14, 2008

Birth #1

Hi All
We finished off last time with me mowing the lawn, to try and induce me labour so I will pick up from there. A lot of woman have reached this point! It goes a little like this... "I AM SO SICK OF BEING PREGNANT......GET THIS KID OUTTA ME NOW......GRRRRR". I mowed the lawn in the mid afternoon on Friday the 17Th of March 06', then we got ready to go out. We met friends for "St Patrick's Day" at the "Round Yard" in Tarzali. I was nominated designated driver and ended up driving "Shawrie" home as he had enjoyed a few too many pints and started to pick fights with people in the bar! Mum and Tony followed in my car to "Shawries" house and we stayed there for about an hour convincing him to go sleep. For memory we got home about midnight.
At about 2.30 am on the 18Th of March 06' I began to get small contractions in my back, I was one of the lucky ones (NOT) who got ALL back pain in my labour. I have been told by woman who have experienced both that back pain is worse than front but as I have only had back pain I can't tell you. Any way I went into mum and told her I was beginning to have pains and she told me to try and get some sleep as I would need it. I don't think I slept much but I layed there till about 5.30 am. At this point I felt a little pop and quickly realised my water had broken. So I arched my back trying to lift my bum in the air and quietly said to Tony "My water has just broken" He jumped up in shock, hit his head on the cupboard as he dived out of bed, and was in a mad panic. All I could think about was the bed not having a mattress protector on it and yelling at him to hurry with a towel. My contractions were mild at this point but they were 5 minutes apart. So we called the hospital and they said to come in when ever we wanted, but not to rush, have a cuppa and some brekky then make our way in. Mum was a bit stressed at this stage and was worried that due to her 3 VERY quick labours mine may be the same. So as the contractions were 5 minutes apart we went to the hospital and skipped breakfast. As soon as we got to the hospital everything STOPPED! They checked the baby and everything was fine, they said to try and relax and it would happen when it happened. The doctor came and saw me and said "Since your water has broken we will let it run it's course and as long as the baby is not showing any signs of distress we will let you go for 3 days before we help you." I was floored with this comment, as far as I knew from ALL the reading I did while pregnant water broke baby came, very hard work. 3 DAYS!! I didn't want to be in labour for 3 DAYS!!
As the day progressed, we ate, rested, and I walked up and down, up and down the same damn corridor to get the baby out!! My contraction started again about 1 an hour after getting to the hospital and were all over the place ALL day! some were 20 minutes apart, some were 5 some were 8. As I said all over the place. On dark after all my walking they began to come regularly and were getting more severe. I felt like had no skin left on my lower back from mum and Tony rubbing it to help me get through contractions. I am not sure when we transferred from the room to the birthing suit, I was a little out of it at this stage. I had not slept since about 2 am and was very very tired. I had also decided in my wisdom that I had to stand so people could put hot towels on my back, and I also figured by standing, gravity was doing it's job! I still had not had any assistance with medication at this stage, and I was told later by mum I had cracked the shits with my clothes and was completely naked! I have NO memory of this. : ). So you can picture the scene there I was one HUGE pregnant naked lady standing at the end of the bed leaning on 2 pillows. My contractions were a steady 4 minutes apart and I was about 4Cm's dilated, when the midwife said to me you have a while to go yet it is about a cm and hour usually!! I was so mad I was NOT doing this for 6 more hours. I went from 4cm to 10cm in an hour. I had to change positions because my legs were buckling under me every time I fell asleep between contractions. I gave birth kneeling on a Matt at the foot of the bed, At some point I was given gas but I couldn't taste it or feels it's affects and was told by my husband later on it was not on properly as the regulator was not moving. Tony cut the cord then excused himself and went outside, It was very over whelming. I was moved onto the bed the placenta removed and the doctor called. It between me getting on the bed and the doctor coming a nurse change over occurred and I was given the gas once more to help me through pain. This time I took the biggest old breath, and nearly passed out!! I am sure I just layed there with a huge smile on my face. The doctor came to check me and I remember saying to him "Your late it's all over".
Mickalee Che was born at "Atherton Hospital" at 2.45am on Sunday Morning the 19Th of March 06'.
We were discharged from hospital at 8.30 pm on Sunday night the 19Th of March 06' as Cyclone Larry was expected to hit Inisfail in the early hours of Monday morning the 20Th of March 06' and they needed beds in Atherton for critically ill patients being transferred. I opted to go home as I wanted to be with my family if their was a cyclone coming rather than at the hospital alone.
I will tell you next time about the cyclone, a new baby in a crowded house with no power or water.
Bye for now and happy blogging.

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